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Time: 23th, Aug, 2013

Repair Classification and Precautions of Conveyor Belt

Conveyor Belt (conveying belt) also known as conveyor belts, belt conveyor for carrying and transportation of materials plays the role of rubber and fiber, metal composite products, or a composite of plastic and fabric products. Conveyor is widely used in cement, coking, metallurgy, chemical, steel and other industries conveying distance shorter throughput smaller occasions. Belt conveyor in agriculture, industrial and mining enterprises and transportation are widely used to transport a variety of solid lumps and powder-like materials or items, conveyor belts for continuous, high-efficiency, large inclination transportation, conveyor safe operation, Conveyor easy to use, easy maintenance, shipping cost, and can shorten the transport distance, reducing construction costs, save manpower and resources.

Conveyor belt repair Category
(һ).Cold conveyor belt vulcanizing patch

1.Belt damaged parts will fit with the angle grinder for grinding tungsten steel grinding disc.

2.According to the size of damaged parts conveyor select the appropriate semi-vulcanized layer conveyor belt repair sheet or patch strip (strip or patch repair a damaged piece at least large parts of 15 ~ 20mm) Yin U.S. special recommended to use a semi-vulcanized layer repair section , repair piece, without a layer of semi-cured adhesive surface of the material proposed to conduct in-depth polished.

2.The shape of the support unit and support unit angular and round series, can be selected.

3.The conveyor belt repair of damaged parts and semi-vulcanized rubber belt surface for brushing, dry for a while, and then the second time brushing (dry set to sticky until normal circumstances usually within five minutes) .

4.Would be posted on the conveyor belt repair section straightened polished surface with a rubber hammer or compactor wheel to beat compacted out of the air.

Tips: If the ambient temperature is too low or a hot air gun is recommended tungsten heating 0.5-1 hours, allowing an appropriate extension of time if the heating time, will help increase the strength of the adhesive surface.

().Heat curing conveyor belt repair

1.According to the size of belt breakage, damage along at least four weeks large out 15 ~ 20mm, cut repair lines drawn to the miter angle of 45 degrees, and the plastic cover strip is damaged, cut careful not to damage the fabric layer or below wire layer.

2.The conveyor angle grinder with damaged parts with tungsten steel grinding disc for deep grinding, sanding recommended 3mm.

3.Would be a good grinding belt reinforcing layer is covered with fabric or steel reinforcing layer, the reinforcing layer, damaged parts for brushing heat curing agent, the unvulcanized rubber core around four diagonal cut, heat curing agent in the same manner Brushing tile (the size of unvulcanized rubber surface with the damaged parts of the same size).

4.Use the thermal curing or vulcanizing machine repair pressure, heat curing.

Tips: vulcanizing machine controller temperature controlled at 145-150 between, until the upper and lower plate temperature is stable sulfide good start curing time 35 to 45 minutes. (According to the thickness of the belt, each vulcanized plate every 4 minutes approximately 1mm vulcanized rubber) to be vulcanized plate temperature drops below 70 before lifting hydraulic vulcanizing machine, and then remove the vulcanizing machine.


?As the conveyor belt in the industrial production of universal, multi-species, high-performance, lightweight, versatile, long life is concerned about several aspects of the manufacturer. In industrial production, the correct use of conveyor belt is particularly important, the conveyor belt in use should note the following:

1.To avoid roller covered by material, causing rotation ineffective to prevent leakage of material between the card in the drum and the tape, note the lubrication of conveyor belt moving parts, but not oil belt;

2.Prevent the belt load start;

3.Conveyor deviation occurs, should take timely measures to correct;

4.Found conveyor local damage, the application of rayon timely repair to avoid expanding;

5.To avoid being conveyor rack, pillars or massive block of material, to prevent misfortune to scratch the rip.

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