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Time: 22th, Aug, 2013

Introduction of Ball Screw Support

Ball screw support base is to connect the screw and motor bearings, Structure and Features of the standard ball screw shaft finished goods inventory bars, ready to support a standardized unit EK, EF type, the general prepared Ball Screws Standard support unit BK, BF type. Fixed side support unit fitted with preload adjustment JIS5 grade angular contact ball bearings. Especially in EK6, 8 ultra-compact formula, with the ultra-compact ball screw has developed a contact angle of 45 กใ miniature angular contact ball bearings to achieve high rigidity, high precision and stable rotation performance. Support side support unit using ball bearings. Support unit EK, BK internal bearings loaded with the right amount of lithium soap grease with a special gasket seal, can directly install, long-term use.

1.Take into account the best use of the bearing and ball screw bars rigidity balance in the use of high rigidity and low torque angular contact ball bearings (contact angle of 30 กใ, free combination). Meanwhile, the ultra-compact support unit EK6, 8 equipped with an ultra small ball screw has developed miniature angular contact ball bearings.

This bearing contact angle is 45 กใ, ball diameter is small, the number of balls and more, with high rigidity, high precision miniature angular contact ball bearings, to obtain a stable rotation performance.

2.The shape of the support unit and support unit angular and round series, can be selected.

3.Small in size and easy to install the support units are mounted around the space consideration, the design of a small volume. Meanwhile, adjusted preload loaded bearings can be assembled after delivery, not only reduces the assembly work, but also improve the accuracy of the assembly.

Block type ball screw support

1.Screw support Block-FK, the same specifications and THK. Dedicated support base for the ball on both sides.

2.Heavy-duty support base-WBK, specifications and NSK same. On both sides of the ball screw special heavy duty support base.

3.MGD ball screw nut holder nut with standard support base.

4.Nut bracket-M

5.Locking nut (RN), the same specifications and THK.

6.Screw support Block-AK, specifications and THK same.

7.Screw support Block-EK, the same specifications and THK.

8.Screw support Block-BK, the same specifications and THK.

Ball screw support base structure

1.Support base has eight models of standard ball screw shaft end of the bar inventory, finished, ready to support the standardization Block EK, EF, FK, FF based on the general standard ball screw has prepared a support base AK, AF , BK, BF type.

2.Fixed side fitted with preload adjustment JIS5 P0 grade level or angular contact ball bearings, according choose Screws grade do most economical mix.

3.Use Deep Groove Ball Bearings support side.

4.Support base EK, BK, FK and AK internal bearings contain the right amount of lithium soap grease with a special seal.

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