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Time: 19th, Aug, 2013

Application methods and Characteristics of Conveyor

Conveyor line in a certain material handling machinery continuous feed of material, also known as the continuous conveyor. Conveyor can be horizontal, inclined and vertical conveyor can also be composed space transmission lines, transmission lines are generally fixed. Conveyor conveying capacity, long distance, but also in the transportation process while completing a number of process operations, so widely used.

Can be a single conveyor can also be composed of multiple components or other transportation equipment horizontal or inclined conveyor system to meet the different needs of the operating line layout.

Conveyor according to mode of operation can be divided into:

1: Belt Conveyor 2: screw conveyor 3: bucket elevator 4: Roller conveyor 5: measuring conveyor 6: plate chain conveyor 7: mesh belt conveyor 8: Chain Conveyor

Generally based on the requirements of material handling systems, material handling location of a variety of conditions, the production process and material characteristics to determine the main parameters.

Ņ»”¢Transmission capacity: conveyor transport capacity per unit time is the amount of material transported. In transport bulk materials, transportation of materials per hour mass or volume calculations; during transportation into items, the number of pieces per hour transport calculations.

¶ž”¢Conveyor speed: increase transmission speed can increase transmission capacity. In order to make the traction belt conveyor length pieces and large, the conveying speed increasing day by day. But high-speed operation of the belt should pay attention to vibration, noise, and start braking and other issues. For chains as traction element conveyor, conveyor speed should not be too large to prevent increased dynamic loads. Simultaneous process operation conveyors, conveyor speed production process requirements should be determined.

Čż”¢Component size: scantling including conveyor belt width, belt width, hopper volume, pipe diameter and vessel size. These have a direct impact scantlings conveyor conveying capacity.

ĖÄ”¢Transport length and angle: transfer line length and inclination of the conveyor directly affect the size of the total resistance and the power required.


Variable direction, the flexibility to change the conveying direction, the maximum can be up to 180 degrees; Conveyors, each unit consists of eight rollers, each one unit can be used independently, multiple units can also be connected to use, easy to install;

Variable direction, the flexibility to change the conveying direction, the maximum can be up to 180 degrees; Conveyors, each unit consists of eight rollers, each one unit can be used independently, multiple units can also be connected to use, easy to install;

Retractable conveyor, a unit ratio of the longest and shortest state can reach three times;

Conveyor field application mode

First, from the belt drive system components to explain: belt conveyors are the most important transport and bulk materials handling equipment, can be widely used in mining, metallurgy, building materials, chemicals, electricity, food processing and other industries in coal, metal ore, iron and steel enterprises, ports, cement and other places can be seen leather machine large number of applications, transport machinery is not only able to complete the delivery of bulk materials, but also since the transport of materials into pieces, but according to place of use, work environment, transportation of materials species differences in their design and applications will have a greater difference;

Modern conveyor systems have higher requirements for dust, for each adapter in place a sprinkler dust collection device, will be provided along the belt conveyor windshield or windscreen, the system is composed by a single , right to work in the whole system operation and repairer, it is necessary to charge based on their own stand-alone, but also to understand the linkages between systems, single turn, composed of many components, and only do the various parts routine maintenance, it is in good working condition, in order to ensure safe operation of equipment;

We generally use the premises under the belt conveyor, working environment, technical performance and delivery of materials, and many different types to meet a variety of operating conditions in the form of, in addition to more common belt conveyor used, there a variety of new special belt conveyor structure, in which a representative are: large angle belt drive, belt drive and a deep trough pressure belt machine, tubular belt, air belt, flat belt turning, thread friction type, corrugated sidewall conveyor belt transport machinery, etc., but also there are several categories to refine methods, are described as follows:

Classification by purpose, with universal mobile, underground use type, open pit with fixed, special structure, can be relocated conveyors, loaders special reprint function type, inclined conveyors, etc., generally short distance transport aircraft factory You can complete the level, or lower running on transport, reversible tread belt conveyor can be used for two-way transportation of materials, machines typically installed on cantilever stacker, and can turn in order to achieve the role of dumping or fabric, supported by the mast Elevated machine is often used with other common use of bulk material handling equipment, such as hydropower construction application, you can configure the standard middle frame, the frame is set in the sleeper, it can be easily relocated;

By material transport category classification, there are generally used for loose materials, hard materials with a single piece of material used as well as a belt conveyor, rubber conveyor belt carrying segments according to the position classification, including belt bearing the above paragraph and bearer In the following paragraphs, and also carry the following paragraph in the three types of two-way conveyor, conveyor can use two-way branch, respectively, in the upper and lower branches of transportation of materials, but in order to maintain the contact surface of the material does not produce change, the need for regular rubber band Flip.

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