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Time: 16th, Aug, 2013

Introduction of the Linear Bearings

Metal Linear bearing is a low-cost production of linear motion system for unlimited travel in conjunction with the cylinder axis. Since carrying the ball point contact with the shaft, so the use of small loads. With minimal friction ball rotation, which can obtain high-precision smooth movement.

Plastic Linear bearing is a self-lubricating properties of linear motion system for metal linear bearings biggest difference is that the metal is rolling friction linear bearings, bearings and point contact between the cylinder axis, so that for low-load high-speed movement; while plastic linear bearings are sliding friction between the bearing and the cylindrical shaft surface contact, so this is suitable for high load low speed movement.


Linear bearings are used in conjunction with hardened linear shaft. For an infinite linear motion systems. Ball and hardened shaft because it is the point of contact, allowing the load is small, but the linear motion of the minimum friction, high precision, fast movement.

Plastic linear bearings with shaft no special requirements; can withstand a greater load than the metal bearing, but because the movement between the bearing and the shaft is sliding friction, the velocity of plastic linear bearings subject to certain restrictions; motion resistance than metal straight Bearings to be large; but its linear motion bearing low noise than metal, in particular in high speed in the case of plastic with linear bearing noise is very small impact on speed. Plastic linear bearings with internal flutes due to its design, thus allowing a larger occasions in the dust, dust automatically from the process in motion to bring out chip groove bearing body friction surface; plastic linear bearings also allows the use of the process cleaning, slide inside made of special materials for liquid film even in long-term operation.

Use Of

Linear bearings are more and more widely applied to electronic equipment, food machinery, packaging machinery, medical machinery, printing machinery, textile machinery, machinery, equipment, robots, machine tools, CNC machine tools, automobiles and digital three-dimensional coordinate measuring equipment, precision equipment or special machinery industry being.


Metal linear bearings conservation: lubrication and friction: linear bearings into the internal anti-corrosion oil, if using grease lubrication, the first with kerosene or organic solvents remove anti-corrosion oil, then add the dried grease. (Recommended to use sticky marked N0.2 lithium soap grease.) If oil lubrication, do not remove anti-corrosion oil, can be selected according to the temperature variation ISO viscosity grade VG15-100 lubricant. Shaft lubricating oil supply line from to No, or from the outer bearing seat hole for oil. As will scrape oil seals, oil lubrication NA nonporous with a ring bearings.

Plastic linear bearings conservation: linear bearings inside the plastic film is a self-lubricating sliding plastic, so that both in the course of which no additional fuel and maintenance; and linear bearings with a plastic flute, even bearing or shaft packed dirt and need to maintain, dust will automatically process in motion to bring out from the chip slot; wear failure only when the slide film directly after use to replace the internal slide film; maintenance is very convenient.

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