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Time: 14th, Aug, 2013

Motor bearings and High-Temperature Bearing installation steps

Motor Bearings

һ. Cleaning, inspection and insulation plate requirements

1. Bearing cleaning and inspection

Large motor bearings are shipped individually boxed out of the box after the first screw rings on the tiles and the tiles were removed under kerosene well marked and cleaned with a dry cloth and check that all gutters are clean, with or without residual sand casting , tungsten gold layer and tile binding bad, draw the channel, cracks exist trachoma and other dopants, etc.). If you can not repair, they have to be linked with tungsten.

2. Bearing cleaning and inspection

Bearing installation cited before, it should be cleaned into a comprehensive inspection. The bearing housing cavity with a spatula scrape off the dirt with a cloth dipped in gasoline or solvent wipe them off, watch for cracks and blisters to prevent oil leakage in the operation. Bearing cap and bearing joints, bearing and bearing oil deflector surface should be combined with the scrape and use feeler, the gap can not be greater than 0.03 mm. Place bottom bearing surface must be clean, there should be no bumps, rust and burrs. Tightening the screws and bearing seat plate fine thread have to check him, and try to tighten the screws too tight or check bald buckle.

3. The bearing insulation

To cushion between the bearing and the base plate or a metal plate with an insulating gasket, metal gasket seat to adjust the horizontal position. To adjust the phase of the motor and joins another motor or mechanical relative positions. Metal gasket is 0.08 to 3 mm from the sheet metal material. Insulation plate is laminated board or cloth made of fiberglass laminate. The main purpose of placing an insulating pad is to prevent shaft current damage. Insulation plate should be greater than width on each side of the bearing 5 to 10 mm and a thickness of 3 to 10 mm. In addition to insulation placed between the bearing and the base plate, the stability of both the screws and nails should also be insulated. Insulating washer with a thickness from 2 to 5 mm made of glass cloth sheet having an outer diameter than the outer diameter of the iron washer 4 to 5 mm. In contact with the bearing plate insulation pad available Tubing thickness of 1 to 2 mm rubber plate. Bearing insulation should be checked after installation of the insulation resistance with 500 volt megger, its value should not be less than 1 Mohm.

. Installation

Whether it is a single multi-motor bearings and bearing units, should be installed in the main longitudinal axis of the mechanical coupling or longitudinal axis of the unit. Measuring bearing center line is hanging wires and hammer method checks. (Bearing arc Neckar a wood, in the center of wood nailed a thin iron bars, logo center position).

Adjustment shaft position here is the edge of the bearing housing from the start, with the bearing surface on the horizontal ruler to check the levelness of these planes. A theodolite or a level check the holder of several axes are in the same horizontal plane, the hammer and the like with the line alignment of the center of the bearing are on the same axis as shown in Figure 1 5.

Bearing according to the above method of adjustment, the process to eliminate bias applied to the tool to move the jack type bearing, not to adopt a collision, hammering methods. This method to adjust the bearing accuracy error of about 0.5 to 1.0 millimeter. It should be pointed out: the installation of the bearing adjustment is only preset in the centering adjustment when they agreed to meet the requirements of the axis line. Pre-bearing after a good tune, but evenly tighten the screws (tighten by diagonal loop), while the insulating sleeve and nail to temporarily hold steady, etc. Centering before commissioning work to finalize or recapture.

High temperature bearings

Due to high temperature bearing is necessary to meet the requirements of high-precision stamping bearing, but also meet the requirements of high temperature stamping bearing, so when considering fit and high temperature bearing clearance, you need to take into account the following points:

1. The temperature rose from the high temperature dimensional change and hardness;

2. High speed, centrifugal force caused by the force system change and shape change.

High temperature bearing shaft and housing bore requirements stamping bearing installation site should have higher than normal required size and shape precision accuracy, especially concentricity and retaining shoulder seat hole or journal on the vertical, to note that In considering these questions, it must be noted when operating with high temperature bearing speed factor and high temperature factor.

Requires high temperature bearing in working condition, that there is at operating temperature optimum clearance, and this clearance is taken into account, the outer ring ball groove center precise alignment of state formation. Meanwhile, due to high temperature bearing for lower relative sliding and internal friction, so it is best not to use the inner and outer rings relative axial displacement method to adjust the temperature bearing clearance.

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