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Time: 13th, Aug, 2013

Some Tips of Choose Couplings

Couplings are used to join the two axes of different institutions (master axis and slave axis) so that the joint is rotated to transmit torque of mechanical parts. Overloaded power transmission at high speed, some couplings and buffers, vibration and improve the dynamic performance of the role of shafting. Composed by the two halves of the coupling, respectively, and the drive shaft and the driven shaft connected. Most of the general power machine coupling means coupled with the working machine.

Selection techniques

һ.Follow the motor type, purpose and use of the environment, choose the most suitable couplings. Determine the coupling type, follow the information contained dimensions, specifications table to determine the combination of pore size and specifications.

When used with servo motor

Servo motors can communicate at high speed high torque region, suitable for high speed, high-precision positioning. Optional G8L, G8S, G7L, G7S, G6C, G6T, G6E, G5C, G5E, G3C, G3CM, also according to the servo motor's rated power, rated torque size to choose. The coupling product specifications, please refer to information contained in the page, the servo motor details see the relevant motor manufacturer catalogs. With the above non-reducer is used, the recommended type coupling.

When used with a stepper motor

Stepping motor can be conveyed at low speed high torque region, suitable for high-precision positioning. Optional G1T, G2T, G2C, G3T, G3C, G6T, G6C Series couplings.

When used with ordinary motor

Optional G6T, G6C, G4T, G4C, G9C series couplings.

When used with the encoder

Optional G1T, T1TM, G3TM, G3CM, G5T series of miniature flexible coupling.

When used under special working environment

And corrosion resistance selectable G1TS, T2TS, G2CS, G3TS, G3CS, G5CS other stainless steel coupling, high temperature environment of high temperature materials the option of using a slider coupling G4T, G4C.

. Please note the information on the selection of the rated torque must be greater than the system load torque, rated torque changes have considered running load factor, so when you do not have to adjust the selected nominal torque value. Select the coupling size, please note that continuous operation occurs is lower than the rated torque load torque

. Make sure the design of aperture, cadence information on conditions not exceed the maximum aperture, the maximum cadence. Maximum aperture or maximum cadence either unable to meet the design conditions, change the size.

. Finally, please confirm the size, specification sheets and other values are also consistent with the design of the relevant conditions.

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