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Time: 8th, Aug, 2013

The role of Fluid Coupling

In liquid oil as the working medium of the liquid by the pump wheel into mechanical kinetic energy of the motor and the working machine can be connected to the power transmission implementation. It has a load to start the motor, a smooth CVT, etc., used to adjust the speed of the pump station to simplify the boiler feed water control system, reducing the number of high-pressure valves, due to the water by changing the speed and pressure to adapt to the unit from stop and load change, adjust characteristics, before and after the valve pressure drop, piping loss is small, difficult to damage, reduce the water supply system failure, occurs when the feed pump jam, killed, etc., are available from the pump and motor to the protective effect.

Therefore, the modern power plant, boiler feed pump unit commonly used by the governor with a fluid coupling to the pump. Main components: the pump wheel, turbine, turning housing, an input shaft, an output shaft and a spoon pipe. Normally, turning the shell and the pump wheel rim flange is bolted connection. Pump wheel and turbine called the working wheel, two in both blades, two to input, output shaft connection, there is a gap between them, the radial impeller and turbine are the same size as the cavity shape, so , together form the working oil chamber, the working oil from the pump into the inside wheel and rotates together with the following power machine, the oil in the centrifugal force, left to the outside of the pump wheel, the formation of high-speed turbine oil flow toward the opposite leaves, gradually slow down the flow of the turbine inner flow back into the pump wheel and the inside, forming a circulation of oil.

The working fluid in the working chamber the absolute flow is a three-dimensional motion. Turn the pump wheel casing surrounds the turbine after connection, the energy stored in the working fluid into the pump wheel. Associated with the input shaft power machine (such as motors), the output shaft and the driven machine associated (such as pumps).

Fluid coupling transmission efficiency is equal to the output shaft speed ratio of the input shaft speed. General hydraulic coupling normal operating conditions when the speed ratio above 0.95 can obtain higher efficiency. Hydraulic coupling due to the characteristics of the working chamber and the pump wheel, turbine shapes differ. It generally rely on natural body heat, does not require external cooling supply. Transmission fluid coupling process can be seen as the process of force.

Fluid coupling features are: to eliminate shock and vibration; output speed lower than the input speed, the speed difference between the two axes with the increase of the load; overload performance and good starting performance, the load is too large to enter when stalled still rotating shaft, without causing damage to the power machine; when the load decreases, the output shaft speed increases until close to the input shaft speed, the transmission torque to zero.

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