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Time: 5th, Aug, 2013

Motorcycle chain high learning how to care for a significant Secret

Chain (motorcycle chain) form of the structure can be divided into the sleeve motorcycle chain, motorcycle roller chain, motorcycle chain ring (Seal chain, the chain is divided into o-ring and x-ring chain), tooth shaped chain (silent chain).

Press on the use of parts of motorcycle, motorcycle chain can be divided into the engine using chains and chain of two kinds of engines and outdoor use. Motorcycle engine in most of the chain with the chain bushing. The engine used in the chain can be divided into the sleeve Timing chain or timing chain (cam chain), balance chain and oil pump chain (large displacement engines); engines used outside motorcycle chain is used to drive rear wheel drive chain (also known as drive chain), the vast majority use roller chain (individual specifications of the chain, such as 219h or 05ma also used as a drive chain). High quality motorcycle chain (motorcycle chains) including a full range of motorcycles sleeve chain, motorcycle roller chain, motorcycle chain and motorcycle tooth chain ring (silent chain).

O-ring motorcycle chain (Seal chain) is designed for motorcycle road racing and racing design and production of high-performance drive chain. Chain with a special o-ring to seal the chain oil isolated dust and dirt. Chain color can be gray shot, golden (copper) and silver (nickel), where copper / nickel-plated motorcycle chain is usually the inner and outer chain plate chain copper or nickel, copper can also be full of all parts or nickel plated.

Seal chain

This middle of the chain pin bush a grease filling, to reduce wear and prolong life; and since the "o" ring seal to prevent sediment from entering the sub-hinge chain.

Properly adjusted motorcycle chain

1.Adjust the tightness of the motorcycle chain maintained at 15mm ~ 20mm is appropriate, always check the shock absorber bearings and lubrication schedule, due to poor working conditions of the bearing, lubricated once lost, damaged, may be significant Once the bearing is damaged, can cause tooth plate after tilting, ranging from the tooth flank wear plate chains, heavy chains fall off easy to make.

2. Except when adjusting the chain frame chain adjustment knob good tune, but also before and after application of eye observation chainring and the chain is in the same line, because the frame or rear fork if received damage. Frame deformed or damage the rear wheel fork, press to adjust its scale chain will enter a misunderstanding, mistaken chainring chain along the same line, in fact, has been destroyed linear, so this check is very important (best adjustment Remove the chain case), if found to the problem should be corrected immediately, remove the troubles, sure.

3. Replace the chain sprocket replacement materials must pay attention to fine craft good quality product (generally more formal accessories authorized service stations), this will extend its life. Must not be cheap and purchase substandard goods, especially chainring substandard goods, eccentric failure park more, once purchased replacement, we will find that the chain suddenly suddenly tight loose, unpredictable consequences.

4. Always check the rear wheel fork buffer pouches with fork and wheel fork shaft with the gap, because the area requires a transverse rear fork and the frame gap with rigorous, flexible and comfortable and the up and down movement, the only way to ensure that the rear wheel both integrally formed with the frame fork and rear shock without affecting the damping effect. Rear fork and the frame connection is achieved through wheel fork shaft, and with a buffer pouches, due to the current buffer pouches domestic product quality is not very stable, it is particularly prone to Songkuang phenomenon. Once the binding site Songkuang, motorcycle rear wheel when starting or accelerating the constraints of the chain will produce displacement magnitude of the displacement from the buffer pouches on the extent of damage. While the rear wheels during acceleration and deceleration obvious rejection of movement. It is caused by damage to the chain sprocket is one important reason. Should be more checks and attention.

5. regular cleaning chain, chainring and timely lubrication, plus a rain and snow and muddy roads, should strengthen the maintenance of the chain and sprocket, the only way to prolong the life of the chain sprocket.

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