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Time: 2th, Aug, 2013

Basics of Drive Sprocket

Into the drive sprocket and the driven sprocket chain sprocket mounted in the form of splined output shaft of the engine; driven sprocket wheel mounted on the motorcycle, the power transmission through the chain to the drive wheels, the general sprocket is smaller than the driven sprocket, can play a deceleration by twisting effect. The performance characteristics of the drive sprocket

1. Material selection - large and small sprockets sprockets are made of high quality carbon structural steel stamping.

2. Processing and processing technology - the use of advanced milling process, making teeth more precise. Whole chain of transfer of heat treatment, greatly enhancing its mechanical properties, tooth hardness of 68-72HRA more, so sprocket wear resistance increased significantly. Surface of the jet noise, electroplating treatment.

3. Products - economical and practical common sprocket and superior performance boutique chain.

Chain disassembly

1. The drive sprocket with the engine output shaft with splined to the form, and the bezel or spline nut. When removing sprocket cover can be removed, remove the chain, unscrew the bezel or spline nut, you can pull out the small sprocket. Assembly, then in reverse order.

The driven sprocket

1. Support from the main stand, the rear wheels tilt.

2. Loosen the rear axle nut and tighten adjuster nut, remove the chain box chain.

3. Disassemble the rear brake lever, pull the rear wheel assembly together.

4. Remove the fixed sprocket bolt, nut or ring, the rear wheel sprocket bolts or pins removed.

5. installation, in reverse order. Tightening torque in accordance with regulations sprocket retaining nut or bolt (30-50N. M) and the rear axle nut (50-80N. M).

Sprocket installation requirements and considerations

Installation Requirements

1.According to the model specifications correct selection of the drive sprocket models.

2. Check the installation position of the drive sprocket (countershaft transmission output, hub, etc.) is in good condition, it shall be repair or replacement parts.

3. Press the right way to the Lord, driven sprocket in place and tighten fasteners to reach the specified torque requirements.

4. Install and adjust the drive chain tension, check whether the chain and sprocket with smooth, coplanar, and no interference with the chain cover.


1. Driven sprocket should be against rotation.

2. Driven sprocket after loading, the regulator should be used and the rear cradle (also called rear fork) engraved lines of the rear axle alignment, both to prevent the rear wheels deviation, but also to avoid the early sprocket and chain wear.

3. Replace both sprockets and chain best, if only replace one of them, will exacerbate both wear.

4. As the drive sprocket high speed, small teeth, under the same conditions, wear faster than the driven wheel, is normal.

5. To regularly clean and lubricate the drive chain, drive sprocket, in order to increase its service life.

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