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Time: 30th, Aug, 2013

The Classification and advantages of Helical Gear

Helical gear is not entirely helical gears, it should be said, is two helical gears helical gears meshing manner by their spatial direction of the force transmitted to distinguish different. Ordinary spur gear tooth width along the same into engagement, resulting in shock and vibration noise transmission is not smooth. Helical gear is better than straight teeth, and can scrape tight center distance for high-speed heavy. Helical gear reducer gear reducer is novel. Using the optimization module combination system of advanced design concepts, with small size, light weight, transmission torque, smooth start, gear score fine, according to user requirements for any connectivity and a variety of choice of installation location.


һ.Involute Helical Gear Reducer

Involute helical gear reducer, small size, light weight, high carrying capacity, high efficiency, long life, easy installation, the motor power with a wide range of gear score fine features. It can be widely used in various industries need to slow down the device.

.Helical Worm Reducer

Helical worm gear reducer with motor direct form, the structure of a helical gear plus a worm gear. Output shaft-mounted, with six basic installation form. Be reversing operation, helical gears are hardened, smooth operation, large carrying capacity, the working environment temperature -10 ~ 40 , the product with similar products than with speed variation range, compact structure, convenient installation. It can be widely used in metallurgy, mining, lifting, light industry, chemical industry, transportation, construction and other mechanical equipment, reduction gear.

Helical Gear advantages and disadvantages:

1.Because mating surfaces from small - large - small, stable engagement, impact, noise;

2.Llarge carrying capacity, increased life expectancy and stability;

3.Zmin little difficult to root cut, small size;

4.However, the axial thrust, herringbone gear - without axial thrust, but trouble.

wo helical gear drive is composed of helical gears meshed. Uses: Passing space between the two with the wrong axis movement.


1.Spiral to the center distance can change, transmission ratio;

2.Steering by changing technology has changed the spiral;

3.2ear faster;

4.00 contacts;

5.Axial force is small.

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