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Time: 26th, July, 2013

About of Coupling classification

Coupling means two or more circuit elements or electrical network between the input and output and interact closely with and through from one side to the other side of the interaction energy transmission phenomenon; summarized in that the coupling means two or more entities to each other a measure of interdependence. Coupling as a noun in communication engineering, software engineering, mechanical engineering and other projects have related terminology.

Coupling is mainly divided into the following categories:

Non-direct coupling: No direct relationship between the two modules, the link between them is completely controlled by the master module and the call to achieve.

Energy coupling: If the transformer between the primary and secondary energy coupling.

Data Coupler: A module access to another module, the data between each parameter by simply switching the input and output information.

Marker coupling: A set of modules that record information passing through the parameter list is marked coupling. This record is a data structure of a sub-structure instead of simple variables. In fact, this data structure is passed the address;

Control Coupling: If a module through the transfer switch, signs, names and other control information was controlled to select another function of the module is to control the coupling.

External coupling: A set of modules are simple to access the same global variable instead of the same global data structures, and not passing through the parameter list of the global variables, is called external coupling.

Public coupling: If a set of modules with a common data access environment, the coupling between them is called common coupling. Common data environment can be a global data structure shared communication area, the memory common coverage areas.

Content coupling: When a module to another module to directly modify or manipulate data, or directly to another module occurs when the contents of the coupling. At this time, the modified module is fully dependent on the modification of its modules. If the following occurs, took place between the two modules coupled content

(1) Directly access a module to another module's internal data;

(2) A module to another without going through the normal entrance inside the module;

(3) Two modules have overlapping part of the program code;

(4) A module has more than one entry.

Multi-field coupling

Reality projects, many of the physical field, temperature field, stress field, humidity field, etc. belong to physics, but many of the problems we have to solve is the superposition of these physics problems, because these physical field directly affect each other. Such as steel when there are high and low temperature effects on the stress distribution.

This superposition of multiple physical field problem is called multi-field coupling problem, but also a coupling.

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