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Time: 25th, July, 2013

Transmission belt commonly used equipment

Plate Equipment

1. Wide range of applications. In addition to the particularly large viscosity materials, in general, into pieces of solid material and can use it to transport;

2. The transmission capacity. In particular slat slat conveyors (commonly known as duplexes with ribs wavy slat conveyors) production capacity of up to 1000t / h;

3. The traction chain, high strength, can be used as long-range transport;

4. The transmission line layout flexibility. Compared with the belt conveyor, plate conveyor to the larger pitch and smaller bend radius conditions of transport, so the flexibility of layout. Plate conveyor inclination up to 30 -35 , bending radius is generally about 5-8m;

5. In the delivery process can be classified, drying, cooling or assembly of a variety of processing;

6, Stable and reliable;

Bucket conveyor , used in metallurgy, mining, construction, chemical, food, food and other industries a certain size, fragmentation materials and powder delivery. It comprises a drive means (including return device), the housing (including the horizontal section, bend section, the vertical section), and the drag chain in the housing, the hopper, the first wheel and rear wheel, located at both ends of the housing There feed zone and unloading segments on both sides of the hopper through the coupling ring, respectively, and two parallel coupled traction chain. Head wheel is provided with a drag chain teeth coincide. Its transport in the form of a shaped, L-shaped, Z-shaped three. The utility model has the advantages of small size, low power consumption, flexible forms of transportation, transportation and other sealing characteristics.

Belt running always check the location and processing methods are:

(1) Check the lateral centerline of the conveyor roller longitudinal centerline misalignment. If the misalignment exceeds 3mm, you should use idlers elongated mounting holes on both sides to be adjusted. The specific method is biased which side of the conveyor, roller conveyor advancing group which lateral direction forward, backward, or the other side.

(2) Check the head, tail rack bearing two plane deviation. If the deviation is greater than two planes 1mm, the response to adjustment of the two planes in the same plane. Head drum adjustment method: When the right side of the drum belt deviation, the roller bearing right or left should move forward bearing backward; if the conveyor belt deviation to the left of the drum, then roller bearing should be left or right to move forward bearing after the shift. Rear roller adjustment method and the head drum opposite.

(3) Check the position of the material on the conveyor. Material in the conveyor belt is not centered on the cross-section will cause belt deviation. If the material is biased to the right, then the belt deviation to the left, and vice versa. Should be used as much as possible so that the material centered. To reduce or prevent such deviation increases the blocking plate conveyor, to change the orientation and position of the material.

Belt Equipment

In a certain line of material handling machinery continuous transport of materials, also known as continuous conveyor. Conveyor can be horizontal, inclined and vertical conveyor can also be composed space transmission lines, transmission lines are generally fixed. Conveyor conveying capacity, long distance, but also in the transportation process while completing a number of process operations, so widely used.

Belt (linear) The conveyor used for material delivery. Stainless steel mesh belt as carrier, for a variety of food industry drying, dehumidification, freezing, heat treatment; stainless steel, high temperature, easy to clean, etc.; specific size can be customized according to customer requirements.

Conveyor Industry: food, metallurgy, electric power, coal, chemicals, building materials, docks, food and so on.

Conveyor structure in the form: horizontal line transportation, upgrading climbing conveyor, turning conveyor and other forms, the conveyor belt can be added to enhance the baffle, side fence and other accessories that can meet a variety of process requirements.

Conveyor belt Material: Yes A3 low carbon steel, 201 stainless steel, 304 stainless steel.

Drive way: gear motor drive.

Speed mode are: frequency control, infinitely variable.

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