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Time: 23th, July, 2013

The structural design of the Sprocket

With cog-type sprocket wheels to the section on the rope or chain link pitch accurate meshed block.

One kind of solid or with spokes, gears, and (roller) chain engagement to transmit motion.

Chain applications:

Widely used in chemical, textile machinery, food processing, instrumentation, oil and other industries such as mechanical transmission.

Structural Design

һ.Sprocket tooth

Energy chain sprocket tooth must ensure a smooth entry and exit freely engage engagement to minimize the impact of the link and contact stress, but also to ease of processing.

End tooth sprocket used in Figure 1. It is composed of three arcs aa, ab, cd, and a straight bc form, referred to three arc - straight teeth. Tooth using standard tooling, working drawings on the sprocket tooth without drawing a face, just on the map marked "tooth by 3RGB1244-85 requiring manufacturers" can be, but it should draw the axial plane of sprocket tooth, Figure 2, the size refer to the relevant design manual. Parameter calculation mentioned earlier, not repeated description!

.Sprocket structure

Small sprockets generally made the overall style, made ??of medium-spoke multi-plate diameter sprocket, for ease of handling, installation card and weight loss, the board spoke openings larger diameter sprocket can be made modular, then teeth ring and wheel core using different materials! Such as C45, stainless steel and other materials

.Sprocket Material

Sprocket tooth material should ensure sufficient strength and wear resistance, the sprocket tooth surface are generally heat treated, so as to achieve a certain hardness.

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