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Time: 19th, July, 2013

How remove the Bearing?

Bearings are in the process of mechanical transmission fixed and reduce the load coefficient of friction components. Can also say that when the other parts in the shaft relative motion, used to reduce friction during power transmission coefficient and holding shaft center position fixed parts. Bearings are one kind of modern machinery and equipment vital components.

Its main function is to support the mechanical rotating body, the drive device for reducing the mechanical load during the friction coefficient. According to the different nature of friction of moving parts, rolling bearings and plain bearings can be divided into two categories.

Bearing Removal

Bearing removal is regular maintenance, when bearing replacement. After removal, if it continues to use, or still need to check the bearings of the state, its removal should be carried out with careful when installing the same. Careful not to damage the bearings of the parts, especially the interference fit bearing removal difficult operation. Designed according to need removal tool is also very important. In the demolition, according to the drawings of demolition methods, in order to investigate the bearing with the conditions to obtain the demolition job foolproof. Removing the outer interference fit of the outer ring, the circumference of the housing in advance several outer extrusion screw is provided with a screw, the screw tightened equally side, while the removal. These usually cover the screw holes blind plugs, tapered roller bearings, etc. separable bearings, shoulders set out in the housing block several incisions, the use of pads, with press dismantling, demolition, or gently pounding.

Removal of the inner ring can be used to pull out the easiest presses. At this time, pay attention to your inner bear its pullout. Furthermore, as shown in the drawing are mostly used with Baraka, regardless of the kind of fixtures, it must be firmly stuck in the inner side. To do this, you need to consider the size of the shaft shoulder block, or research in the ditch on the shoulder block is machined to use drawing fixtures.

Large bearing inner ring removal by hydraulic method. By setting the hydraulic pressure in the bearing hole to be so easy to pull. Large width of the bearing is oil law and drawing fixtures and use, disassembly operations.

Movable pulley is essentially twice the power arm of the lever arm of the resistance, province 1/2 times the distance a little extra force.

NU, NJ type cylindrical roller bearing inner ring disassembly can take advantage of induction heating method. Local heating in a short time, after drawing the inner ring expansion method. You need to install a large number of this type of bearing inner ring of the occasion, also uses induction heating method.

The best in the upcoming installation,, just open bearings packaging. General grease lubrication, without cleaning, direct filling grease. Lubricating oil, do not have general cleaning, but the equipment used or high-speed bearings, etc., use a fresh oil washed to remove rust coating agent on the bearing. Removes rust bearings, rust, so you can not put aside. Moreover, the sealed bearing grease, used directly without cleaning.

Bearing installation method, because the bearing structure, with, conditions vary, in general, due to multi-axis rotation, so the interference fit to the inner ring. Cylindrical bore bearings, multi-pressed into the press, or by hot charging method. Cone of the occasion, mounted directly on the tapered shaft, or sleeve installation.

When mounted to the housing, generally with more clearance, the amount of interference with the outer ring, usually pressed into the press, or is installed after the cooling method of shrink fit. With dry ice as coolant, shrink with the installation, the moisture in the air condenses on the bearing surface. Therefore, the need for appropriate corrosion protection.

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