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Time: 17th, July, 2013

About Pulley species introduction

In mechanics, a typical pulley (pulley) is a circle around the central axis of the wheel. The circumferential surface of the circular wheel having a groove, the rope wound on the grooves, the force La Shengsuo Either end of pull, and the circle round the rope will lead to friction between the circle around the central axis of the wheel. Press the central axis of the pulley is moving, the pulley can be divided into "fixed pulley", "pulley"; fixed pulley center axis is fixed, the central axis of the movable pulley can be moved. The main function is to pull the pulley load force changes direction, the transmission power and so forth. Composed of a plurality of pulleys machine called a "pulley", or "double pulley." The mechanical advantage of the pulley is large, can pull heavier loads. Can also be a chain wheel or belt drive assembly, the power transmitted from a rotating shaft to the other rotating shaft.

Pulley is deformed lever, simple machine belong leveraged, very versatile. Only effort but also can change the direction of the force. Move together with the central axis of the pulley weights called movable pulley, the lever arm is deformed unequal (effort lever), you could save half the power, but fees doubled the distance (movable pulley rise n m, string up the free end 2n m, n ≥ 0), and can not change the direction of the force. The fixed pulley cord matter where to force direction, the force used to lift weights are equal (rope weight and friction between the rope and the wheel does not count) (power arm and the resistance arms are equal and equal to the radius of the pulley); movable pulley cord vertically upward direction of the force with minimal effort.

Fixed pulley:Use of a block, the position of the axis is called stationary pulley fixed pulley.


When used, the position of the pulley fixed; essence of such fixed pulley arm lever, no effort is not strenuous, but you can change the direction of the force.

The power lever arm and the resistance arm pulley radius, respectively, equal to the radius, so the power arm is equal to the resistance arm lever neither effort nor laborious.


Such substance is fixed pulley arm lever, the power arm (L1), the resistance arm (L2) is equal to the radius of the pulley. According to the equilibrium condition lever fixed pulley can draw conclusions without effort.

Movable pulley:Position of the axis movement together with the drawn object called a movable pulley sheaves.


Movable pulley is essentially twice the power arm of the lever arm of the resistance, province 1/2 times the distance a little extra force.

Position of the axis along with the movement of the pulley is drawn object, called the movable pulley. It is the arm of the lever ranging deformed, can save half power (without regard to the pulley in the case of gravity and friction), but does not change the direction of force. Using movable pulley half could save power, charge distance. This is because the use of movable pulley, the code consists of two ropes hanging hooks, each hook yard rope bear only half the weight. Although the province pulley using force, but the power is the distance between the hook moving distance code two times higher, which costs a distance. Can not change the direction of the force. And moves with the object.


Does not change the direction of the force, the movable pulley of the primary movable sheave is essentially a power arm (L1) of the resistance arm (L2) twice the lever.

Pulley blocks:The fixed pulley and a movable pulley pulley block consisting of both effort but also to change the direction of force, but can not save power, because pulley saving power, but costs a distance.


In order to not only save power but also to change the direction, can be combined into a movable pulley sheaves and pulleys. The size of effort

When using pulleys, G G movable pulley has a few things to bear rope, lift an object that is used to force a fraction of the weight thing.


Hanging rope pulley objects a few paragraphs, lift force of the object is used the total weight fraction of the free end of the rope around a pulley of the operator, bypassing the fixed pulley will not forget.

Although the province using pulley force, but costs a distance greater than the distance traveled by heavy power distance moved. Charges mainly to see how much distance fixed pulley Rao Shengzai number of segments.

Experiment with pulley, it is easy to see that, although the province using the pulley force, but costs a distance - dynamic movement of goods increased distance greater than the distance.

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