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Time: 12th, July, 2013

Introduction of the Gear and Rack

The rim gears are in continuous meshing engagement with teeth to transmit motion and power of the mechanical components. Gears are meshing with teeth can help each other mechanical parts, gears in the transmission of the application appeared very early. 19th century, developed into gear and take advantage of this principle of law principle of special machine tools and gear cutting tools have emerged, along with the development of production, the smooth running gear attention.

The Structure of Gear

Generally have teeth, alveolar, face, France face addendum circle, tooth root circle, the base circle, pitch circle.

?Gear,referred to as teeth, the gear for engaging the projections of each part, the convex portion generally radially arranged on the gear tooth pair in contact with each other, can engage the gear continue running.

?Alveolar,the gear space between two adjacent teeth; face is a cylindrical worm gear or a cylinder, the axis perpendicular to the plane of the gear or worm.

Normal plane,refers to a line perpendicular to the plane of the tooth.

Addendum circle,which means the tooth tip circle.

The tooth root circle,where the circle means bottom.

Base circle, is the formation of the occurrence of involute line for pure rolling circle.

Of the pitch circle, in the face of calculating the reference circle gear geometry.

Rack of spur and helical gear rack rack, respectively, with spur gear and helical gears used in pairs; rack tooth profile is a straight line rather than involute (on the tooth surface compared in terms of plane), equivalent pitch circle radius is infinite cylindrical gear.

The main features of the Rack

(1) Since the rack tooth profile is a straight line, so each point on the tooth profile with the same pressure angle, and equal to the tilt angle of the tooth profile, the angle is called pressure angle, standard value is 20 กใ.

(2) The tooth top line and a line parallel to either the same pitch and modulus.

(3) Parallel to the tooth and the tooth thickness of the top space width is equal to the line called indexing line (line), which is calculated baseline rack size.

The main parameters of the Rack

Space width, addendum, tooth root is high, tooth height, tooth thickness, tooth root radius, etc.

Parameter Selection

(1) gear beating, full depth, tangent, tooth to tooth pendulum is qualified a poor pitch error is tolerance.

(2) gear, rack mounting distance after installation is appropriate.

(3) rack gear gap should be 0.25 * modulus.

(4) a rack full depth, beating, especially the teeth to normal line is qualified.

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