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Time: 9th, July, 2013

Advantages of Wireless Power Transmission

The wireless power transmission by radio means, by the power created by the power converted into a radio wave sent out, in particular through the radio wave reception device collected and converted into electricity, for people to use.

Methods and characteristics of Wireless Power Transmission

Allows current to spread through the air, will not put the user "Ray" to it? The researchers said that "no tail TV" is used in wireless power transmission technology does not produce radiation, its security has passed FCC, IEEE and CCC certification standards, not only does not produce dangerous, but also to avoid the hot plug, power cord short circuit and other potential security risks. In ensuring the safety of the premise, wireless power supply will be able to solve the messy room wiring, electrical position is fixed, socket destruction bedroom decoration and so on, to give our lives more convenient and beautiful.

More importantly, the wireless power save a lot of wire, either rubber, plastic or the copper, tin and other metals are consumed will therefore greatly reduced, saving resources and reducing pollution, low carbon.

Advantages of wireless power transmission

(1) Non-contact transmitter receiver, only a small power loss

(2) Using nonlinear transmission theory, less input multiple-output power available to greatly

(3) Is not susceptible to electromagnetic propagation material interference, good stability

(4) Distribution, less affected by the weather.

(5) Ease of maintenance

In short, the radio can transmit power from the transmitter to the receiver without contact, to improve the flexibility of the electrical equipment receiving power, and because they are not laid cable network, greatly saving resources and reducing the power loss, and the radio transmission system mobile electrical equipment, work underwater and explosive special circumstances such as electrical equipment lesson stable supply of electricity.

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