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Time: 4th, July, 2013

European standard Taper Bore Pulleys

Pulley hub type parts are generally relatively large in size, the manufacturing process generally casting, forging based. Generally designed for the use of a larger size casting methods, materials are generally cast (casting performance is better), rarely used steel (steel casting performance is poor); generally smaller in size, and can be designed to be forged, materials of steel.

Pulley indicators and the selection of materials is able to achieve the requirements under the premise of minimizing on raw materials, technology is feasible, the lowest cost option principles! Pulley is mainly used for long-distance transmission power of the occasion, such as small diesel power output, agricultural vehicles, tractors, automotive, mining machinery, processing equipment, textile machinery, packaging machinery, lathes, forging bed, some small horsepower motorcycle powered transmission, the transmission power of agricultural machinery, air compressors, reducer, gear, generator, ginning machines and more.

Taper Bore Pulleys advantages:

Pulley drive can ease the load impact;

Pulley drive smooth running, low noise, low vibration;

Pulley drive simple structure, convenient adjustment; belt drive pulley for the manufacture and installation of precision is not as strict meshing transmission;

Pulley drive with overload protection function;

Pulley drive shaft center distance of two large adjustment range.

Taper Bore Pulleys Disadvantages:

Pulley drive flexible sliding and slipping, transmission efficiency is low and can not maintain accurate transmission ratio;

Pulley drive to deliver the same large circumferential force, the outline dimensions and shaft meshing large pressure ratio;

PDrive belt pulley shorter life. Types of machinery and equipment, pulley diameter and other dimensions are themselves based on gear ratio with, according to the operating speed and the motor speed of their own design. Operating speed / motor driven wheel speed = Diameter / driving wheel diameter * 0.98 (sliding coefficient), such as the use of steel as the material of the pulley, required line speed is not higher than 40m / s, such as the use of cast iron materials required line speed is not higher than 35m / s, the motor speed and pulley diameter conversion ratio, speed ratio = Output speed: input speed = load pulley pitch diameter: motor pulley pitch diameter. And the reference pitch diameter is the same diameter, the diameter-2h = pitch circle diameter, h is the groove depth of the reference line, the different types of V-belt and h is not the same, YZABCDE, respectively base line groove depth h = 1.6 2 2.75 3.5 4.8 8.1 9.6.

Pulley pitch diameter is the theoretical diameter pulley section line position, a bit like the gear pitch circle diameter generally with PD said cylindrical OD indicates general use. Different pitch circle and the outer groove of the conversion formula is not the same, in general we relatively easy to measure the outer pulley, in accordance with the formula to calculate the pitch circle. SPZ: OD = PD 4; SPA: OD = PD 5.5; SPB: OD = PD 7; SPC: OD = PD 9.6. A pulley or the SPA minimum diameter size 80mm, such as less than this size, particularly in the case of high speed, the belt is prone to crack at the bottom of stratification and other illnesses. SPZ belt, ferries can not be less than 63mm.

Note also that the practices and belt installation tension is too small slippery, too much easy to damage the belt and bearings

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