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Time: 1th, July, 2013

The Category of Universal Joint

In the reverse direction by gimbal whether there is significant flexibility can be divided into rigid and flexible universal joint universal joint. Steel joints can be divided into non-constant velocity joints (commonly used for the cross shaft), quasi-constant velocity joints (such as double-linked type universal joint) and constant velocity joints (eg Outer CV universal joints) three.


Cross shaft universal joint stiffness is not widely used in automotive CVJ, allowing a maximum of two adjacent shaft angle is 15 b ~ 20 b. The following figure shows the cross shaft universal joint cross shaft by one, two yokes and four needle bearings and other components. Twenty thousand to joint fork holes 1 and 3, respectively, on the two sets in the two pairs of cross shaft journal. So that when the driving shaft rotates, the driven shaft can rotate therewith, but also about the cross axis swing center in any direction, so that the angle and distance adapted to the changing needs of both. In the cross shaft journal and Yokes between holes with needle bearing 5, needle roller bearing outer ring axially positioned by card. To lubricate the bearing, cross shaft with grease nipples generally safe and have access to journal oil. Note from the injection nozzle lubricant to cross shaft needle bearing at the journal. Cross shaft universal joint stiffness has a simple structure, high transmission efficiency advantages, but in the two-axis angle is not zero, you can not pass isometric speed rotation. When the following two conditions can be achieved by the transmission output shaft to the drive axle.

Quasi CVJ

Common quasi-constant velocity joints have double and three-pin type two, they work with a double cross shaft constant velocity universal joint drive to achieve the principle is the same. Duplex universal joint drive shaft length is actually a reduction to a minimum of double cross shaft constant velocity universal joint transmission, drive shaft and double fork ends equivalent to the same plane gimbal fork. When the output shaft and the input shaft when the angle is small, the two axes in the axis of the arc away from said point of intersection close to the vertical, so that the difference between 1 and 2 is small, two-axis angular speed can nearly equal, so called double coupled gimbal prevail CVJ.


Currently used cars CVJ of Outer CV Joint, there is also a fork ball joint pivot or free three universal joints. Outer CV Joint structure shown below. Star-shaped sets of 7 or less a splined drive shaft is connected to the outer surface has six curved grooves, forming inner raceway. The inner spherical surface of the shell 8 of the six corresponding arcuate recess, form the outer raceway. Six balls 6 are mounted in the inner and outer raceway of the six groups of the space, and is limited to the holder 4 in the same plane. Powered by a driving shaft 1 (and star sets) spread through ball six spherical shell 8 outputs. Ball joints Fork, Outer CV Joint Rationale: from structure to ensure universal joint in the work process, the force transmission point is always located in the intersection of the two axes of the plane.

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