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Time: 28th, June, 2012

Crane Torque Limiter amplifier circuit common faults and adjustment approach

Introduction of Torque Limiter

Separate fully computer controlled security operating system that can automatically detect the lifting crane and lifting out the quality of the angular position of the arm, and can show its rated load and the actual load, working radius, boom which angle. Real-time monitoring detects crane working condition, comes with diagnostic functions, fast alarm and security control hazardous conditions. A black box function, automatic recording of occupational hazards conditions, in order to provide the basis for accident analysis and processing.

Amplifying circuit common faults and adjustment approach

Amplifier circuit is analog circuitry on the motherboard, is mainly used to gain potentiometer with low levels of torque or weight signal.Troubleshooting is not displayed correctly or no show, the exclusion of the possibility of sensor failure, you can check this section.Now commonly used in most of the torque limiter amplifier circuit using IC, so you can use the alternative method to check.

The amplifier circuit has two adjustment points, one is the zero adjustment (ZEROADJUST), a is the magnification adjustment (SPANADJUST). Some torque limiter (eg crane used TADANO AML-M1-type torque limiter) or even directly lead out the two adjustment points, made the knob for adjusting the display is not accurate when the two knobs can be adjusted.

But in the end before the adjustment should be cognizant of what a tune. In an example from the weight, a set of known weight heavy weights, successive lift, record the display value, compare the displayed value and the true value of the difference, if each difference is constant, it should be zero as each difference increases with weight lifting, you should adjust the magnification.

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