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Time: 21th, June, 2012

In the course of the Transmission chain need to pay attention

Most of the Transmission chain is exposed in use, easy to accumulate dust, sand and grease, require frequent cleaning. Cleaning may remove the chain, the chain can be removed thoroughly. Wash thoroughly after removing the chain is on the cleaning agent (gasoline or kerosene) soak some time, scrub with a brush, section by section. Chain after cleaning is immersed in the lubricating oil 70 ~ 80 íŠ, it filled before installation.

Use of the chain, if the friction surface brown or dark brown, generally is inadequate supply, should be filled with oil. Chain lubrication quality, will directly affect the life of the chain. lubricated chain is best to use special chain oil or No. 30, No. 40 machine oil, gear oil SAE90 can also be used instead. You must use some of the oil viscosity, if the viscosity is too small, when the vehicle is in motion oil will splash into various parts of the body, affecting the car's appearance, engage in dirty his trousers, and the lubricating effect is not good.

Replace with new chain should pay attention to the chain packing factory, there are two forms: one is the wax seal, and the other one is pre-lubricated. The so-called pre-lubricated chain is impregnated lubricant at the factory. These two processes is mainly to rust, easy storage. The latter can be installed directly after opening the package to use, the former should go to wax and clean diesel and re-oiled.

Note lubricants, oil injection in the chain not only to the surface, but should allow oil to pivot the inner and outer chain gap between the plates go, so as to achieve the purpose of lubrication. After oiling, oil droplets with a dry cloth to wipe off the excess. Cleaning and oiling the chain, you must first turn off the engine, or a finger caught in the chain of danger, causing unnecessary harm.

Again, install the chain, its loose side should have a suitable initial sag. Initial sag sprocket center distance of approximately 1% to 2%. And to the front and rear axle and the rear axle suspension in a straight line, the time just in the theoretical maximum value chain. Adjust the chain when the chain axis line to meet the normal tensioning position. If the chain too tight, it will lead to poor transmission, increase power consumption, acceleration chain and sprocket wear and tear, but also easy to make the chain snapped, and even accidents. The chain is too loose, driving will be issued when abnormal noise, vibrations increase, and there is danger of the chain off.

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