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Time: 26th, June, 2012

Pulley Introduction

There is a peripheral groove pulley can be rotated around the axis of the small wheel. Rotatable about the central axis of the slotted disc and the disc across the flexible cable (rope, tape, rope, chains, etc.) may be composed of a simple rotation about a central axis of the pulley mechanism is called.


Pulley block is determined by a number of pulleys and pulley match is made, you can reach both the effort and the purpose of changing the direction of force. Use, and how much effort the rope around the law, depending on the use of pulley effect. Assumed to be two rope pulleys that every object and the movable pulley rope bear Power is the object and the movable pulley of the total weight of the fraction.

Number, the principle is: n is an odd number, the starting rope driven pulley. When using a pulley rope commitment has three sections, each subsequent increase a rope pulley to increase Sec. Such as: n = 5, you need two movable pulley (32). n is an even number, the starting rope from the fixed pulley, the movable pulley only when all bear with two rope. Such as: n = 4, you need two movable pulley (22). Secondly, as required to determine the number of fixed pulley, the principle is: General: two shares with a rope pulley, a movable pulley with a fixed pulley general. Is not required to change the direction of force when the rope sections can be reduced even a fixed pulley; force to change the direction of action, the need to add a fixed pulley.

Pulley Material

Not bear the load of the small size of the pulley (D <350mm) entity pulley generally made using 15, Q235 or cast iron (such as HT200). By a large load sheave generally use ductile iron or cast steel (eg ZG270-500), and the hole or cast ribbed structure with spokes Large Pulley (D> 800mm) for general use steel and steel plate welded structure.

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