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Time: 13th, June, 2013

Mechanical steering machine maintenance can not be ignored

Compared to the electronic and hydraulic steering machine, mechanical steering machine structure more simple, more convenient maintenance, but due to the direct effect of the lever by the steering wheel, excessive wheel operation and severe vibrations will bring to the transverse rod wear.

So everyday, the owners pay more attention to the following several aspects

1.Walking in rocky or gravel potholed road, the steering machine is a big challenge, not only to withstand the steering lines need to change at any time tasks, but also bear the vibrations from the wheel conduction, these factors will give steering internal structure especially with the steering column gear parts convergence brings damage. So walking in the harsh road conditions, be sure to slow down and reduce loads on two-way steering.

2.Always check the direction of the machine cardan shaft ends and connecting parts of the protective sheath is damaged, water and sediment is premature wear and damage to the machine direction of the main reasons, if the protective cover damaged sand adhesions in the upper rack and pinion steering , attached to the surface of the film will be damaged, leading to internal corrosion wear. Should always check the protective cover, and found damage clean up and replace with new steering protective cover.

3.In doing wheel alignment adjusting toe, for steering rod after the protective cover to pay special attention to not appear distorted, assembly is not in place and so on, otherwise it will cause damage to the sheath.

4.Due to the use of grease will gradually become dirty, deterioration, reduced ability to make lubrication; while wearing the substance will be gradually increased, abrasive wear phenomenon will become increasingly important, so that the direction of machine wear and tear. Traveling 100,000 kilometers per deal about the direction of machine to do a comprehensive maintenance, thorough cleaning and re-greasing.

5.Of steering the use of harsh conditions, withstand large loads, you must use special grease, grease reach common use requirements.

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