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Time: 27th, Aug, 2014

The main parameters of hydraulic motor

The main parameters Hydraulic motor 1 working pressure and pressure rating

Working pressure: the pressure input motor oil, which depends on the motor load.

The difference between motor inlet pressure and outlet pressure is called motor differential pressure.

Nominal pressure: in accordance with the provisions of the motor test standard, the highest pressure continuous normal work.

2 capacity and flow

CC: without considering the leakage, hydraulic motor rotates a radian to input liquid volume. Vm (m3/rad) Flow

Regardless of when the leakage flow called theory flow rate qMt, considering the leakage flow for the actual flow qM.

3 volumetric efficiency and speed

Volumetric efficiency Mv: the actual input ratio of the flow and the theory of input traffic

4.The torque and mechanical efficiency

In the loss regardless of motor, the output power is equal to the input power.

The actual torque: torque loss T Delta T due to actual motor mechanical loss, the theory of small torque than Tt, namely the motor mechanical efficiency Mm: equal to the motor actual output torque and output torque than theory

5 power and total efficiency

The actual motor input power is pqM, the actual output power is T.

Motor efficiency M: the ratio of the actual output and the actual input powe

Hydraulic motor circuit

Hydraulic motor has two loops: the series circuit and hydraulic motor hydraulic motor braking circuit, and the two loop can be classified under a layer of

Hydraulic motor series loop: one of the three hydraulic motors are connected to each other in series, a reversing valve to control the start and stop turning. Flow is substantially equal by three motors, in its capacity is the same, the motor speed is basically the same, higher requirements of oil pressure of the hydraulic pump, the pump flow is smaller, generally used for light load at high speed.

Hydraulic motor series loop two: the loop every reversing valve to control a motor, the motor can separate action, can also act at the same time, and each motor steering is arbitrary. Oil pressure of the hydraulic pump for the motor work pressure and, suitable for high speed and small torque.

One of the hydraulic motor parallel loop: two hydraulic motor through the respective valve control and speed control valve, operating simultaneously with single operation, can be carried out in speed, and can achieve speed basically unchanged. But with the throttle, the power loss is larger, two motors have their respective working pressure, the speed depends on the flow. Hydraulic motor two axis parallel circuits: rigid two hydraulic motors are connected together, when reversing valve 3 in the left position, only 1 motor 2 with motor idling, only 1 output torque motor. If the motor output torque can not meet the requirements of the 1 load, the valve 3 is arranged in the right position, at this time although the torque increased, but the speed should be reduced accordingly.

Hydraulic motor series parallel circuit: solenoid valve 1 is energized, the hydraulic motor is connected in series 2 and 3, the electromagnetic valve 1 is turned off, the motor 2 and 3 parallel. Series two motor through the same flow, speed ratio and parallel, and parallel when two motor working pressure is the same, but the low speed.

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