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Time: 8th, AuG, 2014

Introduces this paper structure form of hydraulic motor

Hydraulic motor or motor oil, mainly used in injection molding machinery, ships, raise machine, engineering machinery, construction machinery, mining machinery, mining machinery, metallurgical machinery, ship machinery, petroleum chemical industry, port machinery etc.

Structure form Blade type

Because the role of pressure oil, unbalanced force to make the rotor torque. Output torque and hydraulic motor vane hydraulic motor and hydraulic motor oil inlet pressure difference between the relevant, speed is determined by the input size of the flow of hydraulic motor. Because the hydraulic motor are generally required to reverse, so the leaf blade type hydraulic motor to radial position. In order to make the blade root is always filled with oil pressure, a one-way valve arranged in pathway back pressure oil chamber, Walter blade root, in order to ensure that the blade type hydraulic motor on the pressure oil people can start normally, must make the blade tip and the inner surface of the stator in close contact, in order to ensure good sealing, so we should set a preloaded spring at the blade root.

Blade type hydraulic motor has the advantages of small size, small moment of inertia, sensitive action, can be applied to the commutation frequency higher occasions; but a large amount of leakage, low speed is not stable. So the blade type hydraulic motors for high speed, small torque and motion requirements sensitive occasions.

Radial plunger type

The working principle of radial piston hydraulic motor, when the pressure oil into the oil with a fixed shaft 4 window plunger cylinder bottom, the plunger extends outwards, tightly against the inner wall of the stator, the stator and the cylinder has an eccentric distance. Contact the plunger and the stator, the stator on the plunger of the reaction force for. Force can be decomposed into two components. When the plunger is arranged at the bottom of the oil pressure is p, the plunger diameter is D, the angle between the force and the X force, produces a torque on the cylinder block, the cylinder rotation. The cylinder through a transmission end connection shaft output torque and rotational speed.

The above analysis of a piston torque generation, because there are several plunger on the pressure oil, the torque generated in the plunger on the rotating cylinder, and the output torque. Radial piston hydraulic motor used for low speed and high torque conditions.

1 single acting connecting rod type radial piston motor

Advantages: simple structure, reliable work.

Disadvantages: large volume, large weight, torque ripple in low speed, poor stability.

2.More than action radial plunger motor

The motor consists of a valve shaft 1, 2, 3 cylinder plunger, beam 4, 5, 6 roller stator and the output shaft 7. The motor capacity than single stroke motor increases 1 times. The equivalent of 21 plunger. Because the equivalent piston number increases, under the same working pressure, the corresponding increase in output torque, torque pulsation rate decreased. Sometimes this motor multiple row plunger, plunger number more, the output torque increase, further reducing torque pulsation rate. Therefore, the motor can be made into a large capacity, and can be stable operation at very low speed into the next. Because the motor required bidirectional rotation, so the blade groove is positioned radially.

3 plunger type high speed hydraulic motor

Plunger type high speed hydraulic motor is generally axial type.

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