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Time: 20th, Jun, 2014

The application of chain guide and CKF guides with metallic profile for vertical single roller chains


Machinery industry: used for instrument shell, parts and electrical parts etc..

Medical devices: can be used as artificial joint implants, three implants, for friction interface, such as the tibial gasket, acetabular liner etc..

Mining industry: manufacturing artificial tank lining, gate, the chain plate, vibration plate, conveying plate, car lining board. General machinery industry: manufacturing all kinds of shaft, gears, bushings, sliding board, impeller etc..

Vehicle manufacturing and transportation industry: the main products are dump truck, dump ship liner, train vehicle impact resistant parts etc..

Paper industry: the main production of vacuum tank panel and a water scraping plate, compression component, connector, mobile sealing rod, plate roller, scraper, filter etc..

Textile industry: manufacturing various kinds of leather, fiber volume, picking stick, gear, coupling. Sweeping strokes, buffer block, rod bushing, swinging its impact wear-resistant parts etc..

Eating light industry: manufacturing panel, chopping board, operation panel, cam, gear and so on.

Ceramic industry: manufacturing various specifications of rolling head, filter plate, wheel etc..

Sports industry: Ski lining, track and car parts, gliders stopped flooring, steel ball device components, all kinds of bearing sleeve, rolling fairways, snowmobiling parts etc.

CKF guides with metallic profile for vertical single roller chains


型号 Type 链条ISO 型号 Chain Ref.ISO 欧标或美标链条 EN or ASTM C型钢 C profile Bc Hc Hd1 CKGO6B1 O6B-1 3/8″x7/32″ C10 30 24 21.1 CKGO831 083-1 1/2″x3/16″ C10 30 24 21.6 CKG08B1 08B-1 1/2″x5/16″ C10 30 24 20.1 CKG10B1 10B-1 5/8″x3/8″ C10 30 24 19.2 CKG12B1-24 12B-1 3/4″x7/16″ C10 30 24 18.2 CKG12B1-28 12B-1 3/4″x7/16″ C10 30 28 22.2 CKG16B1 16B-1 1″x17mm C11 45 40 31.5 CKG20B1 20B-1 1 1/4″x3/4″ C11 45 40 30.2 CKG24B1 24B-1 1 1/2″x1″ C13 65 55 42.3 CKG28B1 28B-1 1 3/4″x31mm C13 65 61 45.5 CKG32B1 32B-1 2″x31mm C13 65 61 45.5 CKG06C1 06C-1 35 C10 30 24 21.6 CKG0851 085-1 41 C10 30 24 20.9 CKG08A1 08A-1 40,208A,2040 C10 30 24 20.1 CKG10A1 10A-1 50,210A,2050 C10 30 24 19.3 CKG12A1-24 12A-1 60,212A,2060 C10 30 24 17.7 CKG12A1-28 12A-1 60,212A,2060 C10 30 28 21.7 CKG16A1 16A-1 80,216a,2080 C11 45 40 32.1 CKG20A1 20A-1 100,220a,2100 C11 45 40 30.6 CKG24A1 24A-1 120,224A,2120 C13 65 55 42.4 CKG28A1 28A-1 140 C13 65 55 42.4 CKG32A1 32A-1 160 C13 65 61 45.2

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