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Time: 6th, Jun, 2014

Introduction the Characteristics and classification use of the hydraulic motor

Hydraulic motor is a component of the hydraulic system, the hydraulic pump to provide liquid pressure energy into mechanical energy of the output shaft.


Mainly used in injection molding machinery, ships, raise machine, engineering machinery, construction machinery, mining machinery, mining machinery, metallurgical machinery, ship machinery, petroleum chemical industry, port machinery etc.

High speed motor gear motor has the advantages of small volume, light weight, simple structure, good manufacturability, not sensitive to oil pollution, shock resistance and small inertia etc.. Shortcomings have torque ripple, efficiency is low, the starting torque is small (only for the rated torque of 60% -- 70%) and low speed stability.


From the energy point of view, the hydraulic pump and hydraulic motor is reversible work of hydraulic components, hydraulic pump input to any kind of working fluid, can make it into hydraulic motor mode; otherwise, the spindle when the hydraulic motor is driven to rotate by the moment, but also a hydraulic pump. Because the volume of basic structural elements of the same - closed and they can change and oil distribution mechanism corresponding.

However, due to the hydraulic motor and hydraulic pump working condition is different, the performance requirements are not the same, so the hydraulic motor and hydraulic pump of the same type, there are still many differences. First hydraulic motor should be positive, reverse, so its internal structure symmetry; the hydraulic motor speed range needs to be big enough, especially the minimum stable speed of it have certain requirements. Therefore, it usually adopts rolling bearing or bearing; secondly, the hydraulic motor due to the work of the input oil pressure conditions, so it doesn't have to self absorption capacity, but requires some initial seal, can provide the necessary starting torque. Because of these differences, the hydraulic motor and hydraulic pump in the structure are similar, but not reversible work.


Hydraulic motor according to its structure type can be divided into gear, vane, piston and other types of. According to the rated speed of the hydraulic motor is divided into two categories of high speed and low speed. Rated speed higher than 500r/min belongs to high speed hydraulic motor, rated speed below 500r/min belongs to the low speed hydraulic motor. The basic types of high speed hydraulic motor with gear type, screw type, leaf type and axial plunger type etc.. Their main features are high speed, small moment of inertia, easy to start and brake, adjustable (speed and direction) with high sensitivity. Usually high speed hydraulic motor output torque is also known as the high speed and small torque hydraulic motor. Low speed hydraulic motor is the basic type radial plunger type, moreover also has the structure of low speed in axial piston, vane and gear, the main characteristics of low speed hydraulic motor is large capacity, large volume and low speed (sometimes up to a few tenths of a per minute to even turn), so it can be directly connected with the working mechanism; does not require deceleration device, so that the transmission mechanism is greatly simplified.

Radial piston motor

Axial piston motor type axial piston motor

Swashplate axial piston motor

Low speed hydraulic motor radial piston motor connecting rod type hydraulic motor is simple in structure, reliable work, more varieties of different specifications, low price. The disadvantage is the large volume and weight, torque ripple.

No connecting rod type hydraulic motor

Oscillating cylinder type hydraulic motor

Roller type hydraulic motor

Axial piston motor double swashplate axial piston motor

Axial ball plug type motor

Vane motor

Gear hydraulic motor

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