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Time: 28th, Apr, 2014

Introduces the working principle of the piston type hydraulic cylinder

The hydraulic cylinder is the hydraulic energy into mechanical energy, to do straight reciprocating motion (or oscillating motion) of the hydraulic actuators. It has the advantages of simple structure, reliable work. Use it to realize the reciprocating motion, can be removed from the speed reducer, and no transmission clearance, smooth motion, so it has been widely applied in all kinds of machinery in the hydraulic system. Hydraulic cylinder output force and piston area and on both sides of the differential pressure is proportional to the hydraulic cylinder; basically consists of cylinder and cylinder head, piston and piston rod, sealing and buffering device and the exhaust device, device. The buffer device and the exhaust device depending on the specific application of the occasion, the other device is essential.


According to the common structure of hydraulic cylinder, it can be divided into three types: a variety of hydraulic cylinder structure of sanitation garbage truck diversity, the classification methods are various: according to the movement can be divided into straight reciprocating motion and rotary swing; press under the action of hydraulic pressure can be divided into single type, for double action; in the form of the structure can be divided into piston, piston, multi-stage telescopic;, gear rack type; according to the installation can be divided into the form of bar, earring, foot, a hinge shaft; according to the pressure level can be divided into 16Mpa, 25Mpa, 31.5Mpa etc.

Piston type

Single rod hydraulic cylinder with only one piston rod. As shown in the diagram is a single piston hydraulic cylinder. The two ends of the import and export of oil port A and B through the pressure oil or oil return, in order to achieve bi-directional motion, it is known as the double acting cylinder.

The piston can only one-way movement, which move in the opposite direction by external force to complete. But the trip is piston type hydraulic cylinder large.

The working principle of the piston type hydraulic cylinder

Piston type hydraulic cylinder can be divided into single rod and double rod type two kinds of structure, the fixed cylinder and piston rod is fixed by the fixed two, according to the function of the hydraulic pressure is single action and double action. In the single action hydraulic cylinder, hydraulic cylinder pressure oil for a cavity, the cylinder by hydraulic pressure moving in one direction, reverse direction is to rely on external forces (such as the spring force, gravity or external load) to achieve; and double acting hydraulic cylinder piston two directions of movement through the two chamber alternately the oil inlet, on the function of the hydraulic pressure to complete.

As shown in the diagram is a single rod double action piston type hydraulic cylinder schematic diagram. It is only in the side of the piston is provided with a piston rod, thus effectively two cavity area. In the oil phase at the same time, different into the oil chamber, piston speed different; in the load force required to overcome the phase at the same time, different cavity into the oil, oil pressure by the needs of the different, or the system pressure setting, sanitation garbage truck hydraulic cylinder in two directions can overcome the load force.

Plunger type

(1).Piston hydraulic cylinder is a single action hydraulic cylinder, to achieve a direction from the fluid pressure can only motion, gravity plunger return to rely on external or plunger;

(2).But not in contact with the cylinder sleeve piston cylinder liner by supporting, so easy processing, so it is suitable for long stroke hydraulic cylinder;

(3).When the plunger total compression, so it must have enough stiffness;

(4).Are often large piston weight, horizontal prone to sagging due to weight, resulting in seal and guide the unilateral wear, so the vertical more advantageous to use.

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