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Time: 26th, Feb, 2014

The Elevating plug and three links and four plug valves

Lifting type

Elevating plug has a variety of forms, to enhance plug valve by sealing surface material is divided into soft seal and seal two. The basic principle of the cock is opened up, cock and rotation can reduce and valve sealing surface friction 90 degrees to the valve fully open process; when the valve is closed to plug to rotate 90 degrees to the closed position and then decline to the sealing contact with the valve sealing surface.

1.Elevated double sealed plug

Elevated double sealed plug is soft sealing structure. The cock body for three pieces of plate into cylindrical plug body, both sides of the plate inserting rubber sealing surface, the middle cylindrical wedge plug.

Open the valve drive mechanism to cock up, bring both sides of plate Shoulong, sealing surface from the combination of plug body and the valve, then drive plug body 90 degrees to the valve fully open position.

Close the valve drive mechanism the combination plug body to rotate 90 degrees to the closed position, then push down the plug body, both sides of bottom plate in contact with the body no longer moves down, the middle wedge plug continued to decline, driven by bevel on both sides board with the import and export side, the side of the soft sealing surface and sealing surface of the valve body contact is compression and achieve seal.

Double seal with double block and bleed function lifting plug valve, the valve has a pressure balance device, to prevent abnormal pressure system, and can reduce the valve opening and closing moments of resistance. Due to the mutual contact sealing ring is compressed metal surface, with a fire valve function. Valve maintenance is very convenient, can not remove the valve from the pipeline case, the bottom cover by removing the body on both sides of the plate can be removed from the valve replacement. It is also widely used in petroleum, natural gas, metallurgical and mining, gas engineering, textile and light industry, marine terminals, food and environmental water treatment and other industries to make adjustments, open and close with the pipeline fluid.

2.Seal to enhance plug valve

Enhance the type metal seal plug valve seat sealing surface can be sealed on both sides, the valve without the use of media flow limit. Elevated body metal seal plug valve is closed, through the hand wheel and stem on the valve seat sealing surface pressure, by increasing the ratio of pressure seal, which has better sealing performance to plug valves. Raised seat sealing surface, easy to clean the sealing surface, the sealing surface is not easy to accumulate crystalline media, or solid particles. Is often used in high temperature applications in chemical plant. The seal has a variety of structure to enhance plug valve, there are two common.

A.Handwheel handle lifting plug valve, working principle is: the rise, the cock and valve fully open. Closed the first turn the handle to rotate 90 degrees faucet to the closed position, then rotate the hand wheel to gear down to seal cocks.

The valve plug and valve seat from the re opening and closing process, the valve opening and closing very easily, and the sealing surface in the open or close the process is not easy bruising, long service life. But the handle of the driving torque is small, so use the valve nominal size is generally not. Elevating handwheel handle plug has the advantages of compact structure, small volume, small fluid resistance.

B.Mechanical cross transmission lifting plug valve, working principle is: open the screw driving device to rotate the valve when the cock body rises. The plug and the valve sealing surface after driving out of turn 90 degrees to the faucet valve fully open. Off cock first gear to rotate 90 degrees to the closed position, the plug no rotation, rotation of the driving force of the thread plug down, to seal and valve sealing surface contact.

Mechanical transmission to connect the cross cylinder, electric equipment, hydraulic systems, remote control.

Mechanical cross transmission lifting plug valve, the drive torque is limited, so that the valve to the development of large diameter and high pressure direction.

Cock channel mechanical cross transmission lifting plug valve and pipe diameter, the fluid resistance is small, convenient cleaning. In the petroleum, natural gas long distance pipeline development more and more.

Three way and four way

Three and four plug valves for Shanghai device, change the flow direction of medium or medium distribution. In accordance with the requirements of service conditions, can choose soft sealing bushing or soft seal, seal to enhance plug valve.


Plug form of the structure can be divided into the adapter plug valves, self styled plug valves, plug valves and grease plug valve four. According to the form of sub channels, can be divided into straight plug valve, three plug valves and four plug valve three. A card sleeve type plug valve.

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