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Time: 25th, Feb, 2014

Introduction of Soft sealing plug valve and hard seal Lubricated Plug Valves

Soft seal

Soft sealing plug valves used in corrosive, toxic and high harmful medium harsh environment, strict ban on leaking of the occasion, and valve material does not form a contaminated medium. The body can use carbon steel, alloy steel and stainless steel material according to the working medium.

A.Can be used according to the temperature and the working medium by F4, F46, PVDF, PP, PO, PE self lubricating composite bushing, lubricating, throughout the whole process of the sealing plug body friction coefficient is small, flexible operation, long service life.

B.Valve import and export terminal window design and double seal ring grooves structure, plug in the spinning process, the sealing pressure than the gradual changes in the pair, until it reaches the fully open or fully closed position, to generate sufficient sealing pressure, to achieve zero leakage sealing.

C.Double seal ring grooves can make the bushing secured to the valve body does not produce displacement, but also can absorb trace deformation caused by temperature variation liner produce, produce powerful friction and between the Bush and the cock, with automatic cleaning function, improve the life of the sealing surface.

D.Piston top unique anti lip seal design, using a soft sealing material and the metal diaphragm and diaphragm adjusting shim combination can be adjusted between the sealing surface than the pressure seal, plug the rotation is flexible, and can guarantee the inlet, outlet and sealing of flange connecting end.

E.Suitable for high erosion of gas and solid. Liquid and solid medium. Such as PVC, urea, acetic anhydride, caustic soda production plant, or external leakage demanding medium, such as HF, such as phosgene.

F.Medium bidirection flow, installation direction is not restricted, realize the online repair, the use of more convenient The unique design of the G. can prevent static electricity, fire safety, safety.

Lubricating oil seal

Hard seal Lubricated Plug Valves can be divided into conventional oil lubricated plug valves and pressure balanced plug valves. Special grease plug body from the top into the body taper between the plug body, forming a film to reduce the valve opening and closing torque, to improve sealing performance and service life. The working pressure up to 64MPa, maximum working temperature can reach 325 degrees, the maximum diameter up to 600mm.

1.The conventional oil lubricated plug valves

A.Conventional seal plug valve, cock pyramidal manner suits the installation. In order to reduce the sealing surface of the friction body and plug, the valve is usually sealed grease seal structure of the valve seat. High pressure injection from the high pressure nozzle oil seal oil, a high-pressure seal around the cock ring, the valve body and a cock cone seal with a layer of oil film between the surface, both can be closed lubrication, easy opening and closing.

B.In order to further reduce the cock valve opening and closing force refus, usually adopts the method of reducing diameter of the plug valve cock, usually rectangular channel, the method in reducing the valve opening and closing torque at the same time, increase the flow resistance of plug valve.

C.Plug cone seal surfacing STL alloy material or the surface hardening technology, enhance the sealing wear-resistant surface and corrosion resistance, long service life.

D. The surface finish. plug cone grinding to mirror, and valve sealing surface grinding, with the opening and closing torque lower.

2.Pressure balanced plug valves

In order to reduce the torque conventional seal plug valves, pressure balanced plug valves often used. Pressure balanced plug valves and has the characteristics of conventional oil lubricated plug valves, there are the following features:

A. Installation plug cone. pressure balanced plug valves for flip chip. The upper plug cone has a check valve. When the valve is closed, the cock up and down the cone cross-sectional area is poor, high pressure seal oil into the plug body by the upward lifting force, so that the plug body and the valve sealing surface can be a better seal.

B. In the valve opening moments, medium pressure and the pressure balance pipe of high pressure on the body cavity, cavity seal oil so that the plug body downward thrust, and the cock cone and small gap between the sealing surface of the valve body, rotating plug body torque will decrease. Sealing can also be protected.

C.At high temperatures, the cock can be to absorb thermal expansion through the lifting, avoid sealing wedge die. Lubricating oil seal plug, although the use of oil lubrication can reduce the opening and closing torque, but they may form a contaminated medium. Therefore, in view of the actual operating mode selection of sealing lubricating oil.

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