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Time: 12th, Feb, 2014

Introduced the product characteristics and advantages of ball valve

Product features

1.Three ball valve in the structure of the integrated structure, 4 seat sealing surface type, flange connection, high reliability, design and implementation of a lightweight.

2.The three ball core is divided into T type and L type, long service life, large flow capacity, small resistance. The role of single and dual role of two types, 3 ball by acting, single action feature is that once the power source failure, the valve will be in the state of the control system requirements.


1.Fuid resistance small, the drag coefficient with the same length of pipe.

2.Has the advantages of simple structure, small volume, light weight.

3.Closely reliable, sealing surface material widely used plastic, eye ball valve sealing good, in the vacuum system has also been widely used.

4.The operation is convenient, quick open and close, from fully open to fully closed as long as the rotation 90 กใ, facilitate remote control.

5.Ball valve has the advantages of simple structure, convenient repair, seals are generally activities, the removal of the replacement is more convenient.

6.The is suitable for a wide range, from small diameter to a few millimeters, a few meters, high vacuum or high pressure can be applied.

This kind of valve as the existing mine used high pressure ball valve, it can bear high pressure, using the U card fast connection, in the mine production in daily use can realize fast installation and disassembly, easy to use.

The direction of the flow discharge valve in the pipeline is mainly used for cutting, distribution and change the media. Ash unloading valve according to the structure can be divided into: floating ball type, fixed ball type, elastic ball.

Ash unloading valve is mainly used for cut off or connected to the line of medium, can also be used for the regulation and control of the fluid, ash unloading valve and other valve types, with a rotary output torque, quick opening, stable and reliable, widely applicable. Ash unloading valve works by rotating the valve to the valve flow or occlusion of love.

Electric ball valve structure only by a few parts, materials consumption province; has the advantages of small volume, light weight, installation of small size electric ball valve structure, small driving torque, pressure regulating valve, easy to operate, agile, only can be rapidly rotating 90 กใ opening and closing; and also has a good flow regulating effect and sealed characteristics, scope of application in the large size, medium and low pressure valves, electric ball valve is the dominant form of.

Electric ball valve in full open position, the disc thickness is only when the medium flows through the body resistance, so by the valve the pressure drop is small, it has a better flow control characteristics. Electric ball valve with elastic metal seal and the seal two kinds of sealed type. Elastic sealing valves, seals can be mounted on the body or attached to the disc periphery.

Metal sealed valves are generally higher than the flexibility of the valve seal and long life, but it is very difficult to completely seal. Metal seal can adapt to high temperature, flexible seal is restricted by temperature, the defects. If the request of electric valve as a flow control, an important choice is the right size and type of valve. Structure principle of electric ball valve is particularly suitable for production of large diameter valves. Electric ball valve is not only widely used in oil, gas, chemical, water treatment and other industries, but also for the thermal power plant cooling water system. Electric ball valves are commonly used for clamp type electric ball valve and flange type electric ball valve two.

The clamp type electric ball valve is the valve connection between two pipe flanges stud bolt, flange type electric ball valve is a valve with a flange, bolts on both ends of the valve in the pipe flange connection flange. The strength properties of the valve is the valve pressure can suffer. The valve is a mechanical product suffered internal pressure, and therefore must have sufficient strength and rigidity to ensure the long-term use, without a break or deform.

Pneumatic ball valve is composed of valve pneumatic actuator, pneumatic actuator into double acting pneumatic actuator and single acting pneumatic actuator, controlled by the electromagnetic valve, the valve switching. Pneumatic ball valve can realize intelligent control, quick to open or close the pipeline, can effectively control and manage the network.

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