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Time: 8th, Feb, 2014

The Hard seal features and advantages of ball valve

Ball valve driven by the stem, and around the party workers ball valve for axis rotating valve. Use can also be used to regulate and control fluid, has a strong shear force between the metal seat which seal V type ball valve, the V type ball core and cladding alloy, especially suitable for containing fiber, small solid particles and other media.

Switch and multi way valve in the pipe can be combined, shunt, and to flexibly control the media, but also to turn off any channel and the other two channels connected. This type valve should normally be installed horizontally in the pipeline. Ball valve classification: pneumatic ball valve, ball valve, manual valve.

Hard seal Characteristic

һ.wear resistance; because the valve hard seal ball valve steel alloy spray welding

The sealing ring is alloy steel welding, so the hard seal ball valve does not wear too much when switch. (coefficient of hardness of 65-70):

.Good sealing performance; the sealing seal valve is the use of artificial grinding, until the spool and the sealing ring is identical to use. So his sealing performance is reliable.

.The switch light; because the sealing ring at the bottom of the spring hard seal ball valve so that the sealing ring and the valve tightly embrace together, so the preload force over the spring switch is very light.

.Long service life: has been widely used in petroleum, chemical, electric power, papermaking, atomic energy, aerospace, rockets and other departments, as well as people's daily life.

Pneumatic ball valve has the advantages of compact structure, reliable sealing, simple structure, convenient repair, sealing surface and spherical often in the closed state, can not easily be medium erosion, easy to operate and repair, suitable for water, solvents, acids, and natural gas general working media, mainly used for cut off or connected tube road of medium, can also be used for fluid regulation and control, pneumatic valve and other valve types, with a rotary output torque, quick opening, stable and reliable, wide application, etc. the following advantages.

1.The stem thrust bearing reduces friction

Torque, can stem the long-term stable and flexible operation.

2.Anti-static function: spring is set in between the ball, stem, valve body, can switch to static electricity generated in the process of export.

3.The PTFE and other materials with good self lubrication, the friction loss with the ball, so the pneumatic valve long life.

4.The fluid resistance is small: pneumatic ball valve fluid resistance all valve classification of a minimum, even necking pneumatic ball valve, the fluid resistance is quite small.

5.Reliable stem sealing: due to the stem only for imitation rotation transported without doing the lifting movement, stem packing seal is not easy to damage, and the sealing ability increased with the increase of the pressure medium.

6.The valve seat sealing performance is good: the use of the sealing ring is made of flexible materials such as Teflon, the structure easy to seal, and the valve sealing ability of the pneumatic ball valve increasing with the increase of medium pressure.


1.Fluid resistance small, full bore ball valve little flow resistance.

2.Has the advantages of simple structure, small volume, light weight.

3.Close and reliable. It has two sealing surface, the valve sealing surface material widely used plastic, good sealing performance, and can be completely sealed. In the vacuum system has also been widely used.

4.The operation is convenient, quick open and close

From fully open to fully closed as long as the rotation 90 , facilitate remote control.

5.Ball valve has the advantages of simple structure, convenient repair, seals are generally activities, the removal of the replacement is more convenient.

6.In the fully open or fully closed, the ball and seat sealing surface and the dielectric isolation, the medium through, will not cause erosion of the valve sealing surface.

7.The is suitable for a wide range, from small diameter to a few millimeters, a few meters from the high vacuum, high pressure can be applied.M

8.Because the ball in the opening and closing process is clean, so can be used with suspended solid particles of the medium.

High machining precision, high cost, not easy to use in the high temperature, such as pipe is easy to be blocked by impurities, impurity, causing the valve can not open.

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