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Time: 27th, Dec, 2013

Chain plate common fault maintenance and matters needing attention in use


Stainless steel, engineering plastic, carbon steel and other materials, a wide variety of specifications, can be selected according to the delivery of materials and process requirements, to meet the different needs of all walks of life. Widely used in food, medicines, beverages, canned, cosmetics, motorcycle assembly line, animal slaughtering production line, washing supplies, paper products, seasoning, dairy and tobacco automatic transmission, distribution, and after the packaging line conveyor.

Classification of the chain plate

Chain plate mainly have the following several kinds: chip conveyor chain plate, metal chain plate, conveying chain plate, cleaning chain plate, beer with a metal chain plate, chip conveyor chain plate, punching plate chain, stainless steel chain plate, steel plate chain, chain plate, engineering plastic chain plate, keel chain plate, etc.

The main characteristics of chain plate: surface smooth operation, and less susceptible to interference from other materials, can load weight material, durable. According to the specific circumstances, the chain plate design and production of appropriate specifications. Commonly used specifications chain plate 31.75,38.1,50.8.

Common fault and maintenance of chain plate

Process chain plate transport, often appear unstable operation and the deviation phenomenon:

Maintenance methods are as follows:

1.Adjust the chain plate tensioning axle, moderate, to avoid unnecessary damage to the edge.

2.Check the internal chain plate conveyor whether corrosion phenomenon, the necessary replacement.

3.Check whether the chain drive shaft synchronous, tooth end whether the excessive wear and tear.

Matters needing attention in using the chain plate

1.In the use of chain plate, should avoid direct contact with the heat source, should be at least one metre away, and used in the open air, should avoid direct sunlight and weather factors. And the conveying speed should be less than 2.5m/s. In the use process, the tension chain board should not be too large, should keep the chain plate to keep a minimum tension in engaged with the gear and does not bend under the premise of. And must ensure that the chain plate using the same material models in a machine.

2.The chain plate to move, should ensure the air machine transmission lines. Because the boot when the acceleration is quite large, if use, material chain plate, there may be slipping gears motor load is too high. Shutdown also try to ensure that the chain plate material is empty. Running multiple chain plate, into the sequence should be opened the last stage, and then move forward. The shutdown sequence contrast.

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