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Time: 18th, Apr, 2014

The Advantage of linear slide rail

The linear slide rail for a rolling guide, by the ball between the slider and the slide infinite rolling cycle, load platform can slide easily along with high precision linear motion. With the traditional sliding guide compared, the coefficient of rolling friction guide can be reduced to the original 1/50, because the starting friction is greatly reduced, relatively less invalid movement happened, it could easily reach the m feeding and positioning. Coupled with the slide block and the slide between the beam unit design, so that the linear slide rail can be subject to both above and below the direction load, the display characteristics is not the traditional sliding guide can match, so the machine if with ball screw, linear slide guide, will greatly improve equipment accuracy and mechanical efficiency


The use of linear slide as linear guide, linear slide rail due to friction into rolling friction, not only reduces the coefficient of friction sliding guide to 1/50, dynamic friction and static friction gap also become very small. So when the bed is running, no slipping phenomenon, the positioning accuracy can reach m level.

The traditional sliding guide, inevitably due to upstream oil platform movement precision caused by bad, because the movement of lubrication is not sufficient, resulting in wear track contact surface, seriously affect the accuracy. While the rolling guide wear is very small, so the machine can maintain the accuracy of long time.

Because of the linear slide rail moving when the friction is very small, only a small force can make the bed operation, especially in the bed works as a regular shuttle runs, can obviously reduce machine power wastage. Heat is small and because of the friction, suitable for high speed operation. Because of the linear slide rail special beam structure design, can be subject to both upper and lower, left, right direction load, unlike the slide guide in lateral load direction parallel contact surface can withstand the light, to cause the machine running bad precision.

When assembled as long as milling or grinding bed rail assembly, and according to the recommendations of the steps will slide, slide with specific torque is fixed on a machine, that is able to reproduce the processing of high precision. The traditional sliding guide, is liable on orbit to scraping, troublesome and time-consuming, and once the poor accuracy, and must be scraped a. The linear slide rail with interchangeability, can replace the slider or even linear slide rail group, the machine can regain the guidance precision.

Sliding guide if lack of lubrication, will cause the loss of bed contact surface direct metal friction, and the slide guide to lubrication is not easy, need to place drilling oil in bed appropriate. The linear slide rail has been on the slide block device and nozzle, which can be directly to the grease gun into the oil, can be put on special tubing connected oil tubing, for automatic injection machine lubrication.

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