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Time: 17th, Jan, 2014

Introduced of the Loose flange

Loose flange Butt welding neck ring loose flange

Loose flange welding neck collar loose hubbed flange welding neck collar loose plate flange plate ring loose plate flange plate over the loose flange in order to satisfy the device lock needs, a rod part with a hole, the hole can make the bolt under vibration not to loose.

Some flange bolt no thread of light rod to do fine, make thin rod flange. The flange bolts to connect the variable force. High strength bolts for steel structures. The larger size also varies. Hot dip galvanized steel is made of metal and molten iron alloy body reaction layer.

Flat ring flanges (PJ/SE)

Flat ring loose flange flange can be activities, generally supporting the drainage fittings (expansion joints on the most common), the factory expansion joints at both ends with a flange, bolt connection pipeline, directly and in engineering equipment.

The use of flat ring loose flange of the general purpose is in order to save materials, the structure is divided into two parts, part of a head pipe and pipe joint, a head of a flange, the flange part is sheathed on the flange. Flange using low grade material, pipe parts like the use and the pipe material, reach the aim of saving materials.

Flat ring loose flange:

1.Saving the cost of. When the pipe material is special, expensive price, high cost the same material welding flange.

2.Not easy to welding or inconvenient processing or need high intensity. Such as plastic pipe, steel pipe, glass.

3.To facilitate construction. If the connection flange bolt holes are not easy to find the corresponding positive or prevent future replacement of equipment flange bolt holes and so.

Flat ring loose flange shortcomings:

1.Under low pressure.

2.Welding ring of low strength (especially the thickness below 3mm)

Flat ring loose flange production standards:

GB: GB/T9112-2000 (GB9113 1-2000 ~ GB9123? 4-2000)

American Standard: ANSI B16.5 Class150, 300, 600, 900, 1500 (WN, SO, BL, TH, LJ, SW)

Japan: JIS 5K, 10K, 16K, 20K (PL, SO, BL, WN, TH, SW)

German standard: DIN2573, 2572, 2631, 2576, 2632, 2633, 2543, 2634, 2545 (PL, SO, WN, BL, TH)

The standard of Ministry of chemical industry: HG5010-52 ~ HG5028-58, HGJ44-91 ~ HGJ65-91

Flange standards: HG20592-2009 (PN) \HG20615-2009 (Calss Series)

Department of mechanical standard: JB81-59 ~ JB86-59, JB/T74-1994, JB/T79-94 ~ JB/T86-94

Pressure vessels standard: JB4700-2000 ~ JB4707-2000, JB1157-82 ~ JB1160-82 B16.47A/B B16.39 B16.48

Ring groove face flange and flange cover

Large diameter flat flange

Large diameter and high neck flange

Splay blind plate

Butt welding ring loose flange 6

Rotary flange

Anchor flange

Welding / cover welding flange

Marine lap welding steel flanges standard: this standard applies to ships, marine engineering products. Main material: carbon steel, alloy steel, low temperature steel, stainless steel.

Forged flange connection is to the two pipes, fittings or equipment, and forging flange connection is an important connection pipeline construction.

Forging flange easy to use, able to withstand greater pressure. In the industrial pipeline, the use of forged flange connection widely. Within the family, the pipe diameter is small, but is low, cannot see the connecting flange of stamping elbow. If a boiler room or a production site, everywhere is the flange connection of pipes and equipment.

Chromium content of 0.1% ~ 0.5% (forged flange generally no chromium), the carbon content below 1% and forged flange using high temperature forging manufacturing, some forged flange surface hardness (HRC) 56 (although it can achieve more than quenching layer is only 15 mm or so), because of swaged blue material quenching permeability is poor heart hardness generally only 30 degrees, under normal circumstances, forged flange often by water quenching.

The flange is made between pipes and valves interconnected parts, connected to the pipe end. There are holes on the flange, so that the two flange bolts tight. The flange gasket seal. Flange threaded (screw connected) flange and welding flanges and flange.

The flange is connected to the part between the pipe and pipe, tube end for connection between the flange; also useful in the inlet and outlet of equipment, is used for the connection between the two devices, such as the reducer flange. Flange connection or flange connection, is defined by the flange, gasket and bolt three are connected as a group of combined seal structure of the detachable connection. Pipe flange refers to the pipeline installation of piping flange, used in equipment refers to equipment import and export flange.

There are holes on the flange, so that the two flange bolts tight. The flange gasket seal. Flange threaded (screw connection flange, welded flange) and clamping flange. Flanges are used in pairs, low-pressure pipeline can use the wire connected flange, four kg more than the use of pressure welding flange. Between the two flange and gasket, and then tighten the bolts. Flange thickness of different pressure difference, they use different bolt.

Pumps and valves, and pipeline connection, these equipment locally, also made the corresponding flange shape, also known as the flange connection. In two planes surrounding the use of bolt connection parts also closed, generally referred to as "flange", such as ventilation pipeline connection, the parts can be called "flange type parts". But this connection is only a partial one device, such as a connecting flange and a water pump, water pump is not good to call "flange type parts". Small as the valve and so on, can be called "flange type parts".

The reducer flange, used to connect the motor and reducer, and the reducer connected with other equipment.

Classification method

1.According to the chemical industry standard: integral flange (IF), (Th), threaded flange welding plate flange (PL), butt welding neck flange (WN), hubbed flange (SO), socket welding flange (SW), butt welding ring loose flange (PJ/SE), flat ring sleeve flange (PJ/RJ), lining flange (BL (S)), a flange cover (BL).

2.According to the petrochemical industry standard (PT): threaded flange, welded flange (WN), flat welding flange (SO), socket welding flange (SW), loose flange (LJ), a flange cover (not table note).

3.According to the standard of mechanical industry: integral flange, welded flange, welding plate flange, butt plate loose ring flange, welding ring plate loose flange, flange ring loose plate flange, flange cover.

4.According to the national standard: integral flange, threaded flange, welded flange, hubbed flange, hubbed socket welding flange, butt welding ring neck loose flange, welding plate flange, butt plate loose ring flange, welding ring plate loose flange, flange ring loose plate flange, flange cover.

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