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Time: 30th, May, 2013

The importance of the elevator chain lubrication

Chain Life is short, very often, the problem is not the chain, but unused lubricating or using the wrong reason.

By correct and adequate chain lubrication the problems here are significantly reduced or else prevented from occurring at all.

1. Noisy operation;
2. Surface rust;
3. Joint rust;
4. Stiff joints;
5. Twisted pins;
6. Loose pins;
7. Broken link plates;
8. Broken pins;
9. Unacceptable chain elongation.

Chain lubricants should have the following characteristics:
1. Sufficiently low viscosity to reach the internal surfaces ĘC a carrier solvent or penetrating component helps to achieve this without lowering the operating viscosity.;
2. Sufficient body to maintain the lubricating film under the bearing pressures ĘC solid lubricants can help.;
3. Freedom from corrosive ingredients;
4. Ability to maintain lubricating qualities under different temperatures, moistures, etc.

Proper use of lubricants.

Chain lubricants should have the following characteristics:
Lubrication is required between the rollers and bushings, but other important areas to lubricate are the pin and bushing surfaces, which articulate with each other while the chain is under full load. To reach all of these surfaces, the lubricant should be applied to the upper edges of the link plates on the lower strand of the chain shortly before the chain engages a sprocket. Then, as the chain travels around the sprocket, the lubricant is carried by centrifugal force into the clearances between the pins and the bushings. Spillage over the link plates supplies lubricant to the interior and the end surfaces of the rollers.

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