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Time: 17th, OCT, 2012

Transmission parts - Hangzhou Chinabase Machinery Co., Ltd

Hangzhou Chinabase specializing in the transmission parts of the design, production, sales, with more than 10 years of experience. The products they supply include various types of standard and non-standard chain, sprocket, gear, rack, a belt and a belt pulley, cone sets, coupling, universal joint, synchronous belt and belt wheel, a tension sleeve, motor rail, torque limiter, worm gear, an expansion sleeve, motor, reducer, also, they offer the service of custom all kinds of machinery parts and components according to customer requirements, such as forging, stamping, machining parts. They own advanced production equipment and first-class research, development capabilities and extensive marketing network, they aim at to provider for the global customers with a one-stop power transmission solutions, and to become the outstanding industrial parts supplier.

They adhere to quality and service-oriented, to provide stable and reliable quality, competitive prices and fast delivery for customer. The main products of Hangzhou Chinabase chain drive are A, B series of standard roller chain, chain sleeve, double pitch chain, motorcycle chain, engine timing chain, silent chain, S type /C type steel agricultural chain, tooth chain, speed chain, hollow pin chains, forging easily removed chain, hanging conveyer chain, with all kinds of attachment of the other conveyor chain and various uses of the special chain, and more, they can also nickel plating according to user requirements.

Application apparatus and types including printing machinery, petroleum machinery, food machinery, engineering machinery, agricultural machinery, woodworking machinery, packaging equipment, paper making equipment, tobacco equipment, medical equipment, parking equipment, transportation equipment, painting equipment, and Yintiezhiguan automobile, motorcycle engine chain, Speed Racer chain, plate chain, forklift truck glass elevator escalator chain, conveyor chain, reservoir and sewage processing chain.

They select of high quality alloy steel and advanced heat treatment process. The products comply with ISO and ANSI, BS, DS, DIN, JIS standards, and the products performance can reached to Europe and the United States, Japan and other developed countries user requirements.

Their primary objective is to satisfy our customers by providing well-qualified product and service.

Any cooperation please visit their website(power-transmissions.com)

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